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Vending Machines: You'll Never Guess What's Next

Aug 17, 2007
Where you previously would have found a selection of soda, candy and snacks, you will now find a wide selection of digital cameras, camera phones, iPods, accessories, and other electronic equipment. Vending machines all over the country are no longer merely for dispensing snacks to hungry people on the go.

Airports in San Francisco, Atlanta, as well as grocery stores in many major cities, now house a new breed of vending machines. These vending machines have evolved into efficient, automated dispensers where travlers can buy everything from the usual snacks and drinks to the newest, most popular electronic products.

Vending machines that dispense modern electronic products such as digital cameras, iPods and other mp3 players have already become mainstream in Japan and other countries. In those countries, people almost expect these vending machines to be available in popular areas like train stations, airports, grocery stores and shopping malls. Over the past couple of years, they have started popping up in one airport after the other in the United States. In the future, they will likely become a regular fixture in most of our airports, rail stations, grocery stores and other central locations.

These vending machines even accept credit cards as a form of payment. This is probably for the best, since the average traveler isn't likely to have an extra couple hundred in cash sitting in their back pocket. Although expensive, these new vending machine products are selling surprisingly well.

The reasons for these high vending machine sales are pretty logical when you think about it. Many travelers may be contemplating the purchase and think "I am going to get an iPod eventually anyways. So, why not just buy one now so that I can at least use it on this five hour flight?" Or they may realize, "I've been meaning to buy a digital camera. Instead of waiting, why not just get a camera now so that I will have great pictures of this trip." Other travelers may have just merely forgotten to purchase or pack their items amidst the rush of getting ready for a big trip. Whatever the reason, the products are indeed selling extremely well, which might make some people wonder what vending machines will dispense next.

By dispensing items from vending machines, the companies offering the products can increase the availability of their products without a big increase in overhead. There are no stores to staff or additional building spaces to lease. More people, and travelers in particular, are seeing their product and having the option to purchase it.

Because of the efficiency and innovation potential, vending machines may provide an unlimited number of options in the future for businesses as well as consumers. One thing is for sure; vending machines are evolving to become much more than most people would have ever thought. At this point, the sky is the limit.
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