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Create Business Site, Which Sells Like A Hurricane

Aug 17, 2007
When you start to create a business site, you must have a business idea and advertising strategy. That means that planning is more important than doing.

Think what you are selling and to whom. Marketing is fullfilling the needs of the target audience. This means that you must have an idea of what is your target audience. Are they starters, moms at home, experienced marketers or what?

When you create a content of the business website, it will segment your target group even further. And that is very useful. The narrower the niche is, the more profitable, because you can make very, very targeted advertising.

Think also whether you are pre selling or selling. Are you going to persuade or make a happy sales pitch.
Are you going to give advice to the target person or even give something for free? Short or long process?

When you create business site, the creative strategy is important. It means simply how the copy looks like and how the ads are designed. Remember how many bad ads there is online. Total disasters.

When you plan a business site, you plan an ad. There are four musts.
1. The site must be recognized, otherwise it is nothing.
2. The site must tell the promise in one second, rather visually.
3. The site must make the reader want the program.
4. It must lead the reader to action.

Search engine optimization is very useful, because that will bring your site tons of free, targeted traffic. People search information from search engines by using keywords.

When you create a business site, use these same keywords and your site will appear into the search results. Chosen keywords must be small enough. That means lower competition and more potential for your site to be included in the search results. Overture and Goodkeywords are nice tools to dig tens of keywords.

When a marketer create a business site, the copy must be easy to read, despite the fact that it is optimized. Write always to the reader, not to the search engine robots. Make the reader enthusiastic and cheerfull. Make it fun and you will always win, like Lance Armstrong says.

A good hint of the way how different target people think, can be taken from different discussion forums. When you read the posts, you can see how different are the professionalism levels, how different are the styles, how different things people are interested in and so forth.
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