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Quiz: Should You Start An Internet Home Business?

Aug 17, 2007
Do you think you would enjoy joining affiliate programs? Perhaps you have heard that affiliate programs are an easy way to make money, or perhaps you have the desire to work from home and be your own boss. Whatever the reason, you have the opportunity to make a good living working from home.

Take this fun and informative quiz below to see if you should join an affiliate program.

1) I want to join an affiliate program because:

a. I want to make a lot of money quickly.
b. I want to run my own internet home business.
c. I enjoy working hard and seeing my work rewarded.
d. I have nothing better to do with my time.
e. I don't know.

2) An affiliate program is:

a. A fancy term for a work-out program.
b. Selling products from other companies by promoting their brand.
c. I don't know.
d. An easy way for me to earn money on the internet.
e. An online chat room.

3) How many ways are there to advertise on the internet?

a. 1
b. 5
c. 13
d. Undetermined - because the medium is still new.
e. I don't know.

4) What do I need to join an affiliate program?

a. Computer, internet connection, research skills.
b. A lot of money for start-up costs.
c. Computer, business degree, sales experience.
d. Large network of friends I can sell to.
e. I don't know.

5) When should I start an internet home business?

a. tomorrow
b. When I can devote the time to research products and find affiliate programs that I want to join.
c. In a few years, because this internet thing may be just a fad.
d. After I earn a degree in business or sales.
e. I don't know.

6) Why do I want to work from home?

a. Because I just don't like people.
b. Because I want to run a business for myself.
c. Because I am right all the time.
d. Because no one else will hire me.
e. I don't know.

Once you have answered all the questions, look over it. Then look at the answers to see how you did. Even if you missed a few, you should not be discouraged. This simply means that you should find out more about affiliate programs before joining one.


Question 1: b or c are correct answers
Question 2: b is the correct answer
Question 3: d is the correct answer
Question 4: a is the correct answer
Question 5: b is the correct answer
Question 6: b is the correct answer

If you answered most of the questions correctly, you should still conduct research about affiliate programs. The more you know about these programs, the more successful you will be. Advertising on the internet is the most important part of affiliate marketing. Learn how to market products online and you will be making money in no time.

Affiliate programs can be very profitable. Research, well-written content, and persuasive selling techniques are all that will be needed in order to reach your earning potential.
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