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Power With Targeted Internet Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
To be effective in the internet promotions, you must target to the enough narrow and specific target group.
To be able to do this, keywords act the main role.
Actually keywords are your markets. Let us take an example of the meaning of targeting. If you make a speech to the audience of 1.000 people, you speak most obviously on a very general level and not so personally.

If you speak or discuss with one person, you can use all means of communication. Speak personally, more freely, answer questions and comment on what that other person is saying. This is targeted internet marketing.Think about just two stat figures about the internet. Around one billion searches are made every single day using different keywords. Do you think targeted internet marketing would be useful?

Some one billion websites are online offering their services and around 200.000 new blogs are launched every single day. No one can calculate how many different articles and other writings are released, using different keywords.

Only a fool can think to succeed by accident without planning. Planning means to choose the target group according your business idea. The business idea gives the answer, why the site is online. What different and unique needs it will satisfy? And who has those needs?I will not handle the preparation of business plan here but only how to reach the narrow target groups and what targeted internet marketing means.

It is funny that targeted internet marketing is actually a two way process. Your potential customers search interesting affiliate programs online using search engines, typing wide or narrow keywords on the search bars. So they target to your site or blog and you target to them. Do you meet, it is totally up to you.

A good thing is that the keywords used are registered by services like WordTracker, which also gives you an inresting figure. How effective the keyword is, or what is the ratio between demand and supply. The more demand and the few supply, the more power your keyword will get.When you have found out from 2 to 3 keywords, you can use them to optimize your writings, like website, article or blog, to be able to better reach a position on the first page of search results.

It is wise to promote on many markets. This happens simply by using different keywords in different articles, blogpages or webpages. If you choose PPC, pay per click, the idea is the same. You just have to have more keywords, tens or hundreds.

As a summary, targeted internet margeting means two things. To choose a target group and, this is the most important, to find low competition keywords. It is so simple.
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