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SEO Is The Turbo Of Targeted Internet Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
This the idea of targeted internet marketing, which will bring you tons of free, constant traffic. The key to success is to use hundreds of targeted keywords in your internet marketing.

Why? Because keywords are your markets and the more markets you can cover the more business you get. So simple. Do you want to market on one market or one hundred markets. Do not answer, it is self clear.

Here are the best tips for targeted internet marketing. Optimize all what you write. This means for example, that if your page has 500 words and you use from 2 to 3 keywords, each keyword must represent from 1 to 3 % of the amount of total words on that page.

Why? Because search engines must put the search results in some order to be able to do targeted intenet marketing. So SE must choose which site is number one, number two etc. They must have rules according to which they serve the searchers.

Now the 1.000 euros question is, how search engines put sites in certain order, if you know that, you can reach the numero uno position. Unfortunately or fortunately no one really know these criterias.

However tons of analyzes have been made about number one sites and compared them to find out the common factors, so I am quite sure, what they are. And to make targeted internet marketing, which is the most effective way to promote, keyword optimized pages are very important.

Search engines simply think that when keyword is mentioned many times, but not too many, the content of that page is important for the searcher of that keyword.

But off page optimization is still the most important. Search engines simply thinks that the more popular the site is in the internet, the more important or useful it is also to the searchers.

What is the popularity in this connection? Popularity means, how many links from other sites are pointing back to this site. Links are seen like votes, so other webmasters vote that site and the more votes the site has, the more useful it is in the eyes of the search engines.

It is naturally important, what is the quality of linking sites. Are the links from high page rank or low page rank sites and are the sites related?

In targeted internet marketing the key target is to beat the number one site of certain keyword. To make it simple, your site must have more and or better links than the present leader.

Good thing is that you can get other webmasters to link your site. The best long term way is to have a quality content site. That is the core of targeted internet marketing, because other webmasters really want to link to your site as a service to their website own visitors.
Of course this will take time, we speak about months.

More rapid way is to write articles and distribute them by some software to hundreds of directories with one click. By this way you get links from hundreds of sites and also targeted traffic.

To use targeted internet marketing, use different ways. One manual way is to type add ur or submit site on Google search bar and submit your site to hundreds of sites. Remember that you neeed thousands of links to reach first page position. Internet marketing is a numbers game.

Of course you can buy a software, which will submit your site to hundreds of directories more rapidly.

After you have optimized your page and built enough links, it will take time before search engines will find and raise your site to the targeted position but when you have reached it with many pages, you will get tons of regular, targeted and free traffic. What a JOY.
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