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A Career in Fundraising

Aug 17, 2007
A Fundraising career welcomes the expertise of those who have excellent business management skills. Pursuing a career in fund raising is emotionally rewarding, although it demands a lot of time and effort.

Fundraising And Its Importance

Non-profit organizations are increasing in number. This is why it is essential for the non-profit groups to adopt a more diversified and organized approach. There are a number of public relations firms and consulting firms that can help in raising funds, effectively, but for a price. Some companies claim to raise funds with their products for non-profit organizations, in exchange for a share in their profits.

Paid workshops, advertisements and even computer programs have help to learn about fundraising. A non-profit organization or group has to have the determination, perseverance and willingness to succeed and lay the basic groundwork required to raise money.

Tips To Get The Perfect Fundraising Job
-If you want to be employed by a fund raising activity, you need to recognize the kind of work you are passionate about. It could involve immigration, health care, poverty or environment. Identify the area and work towards betterment. If you want a job in a particular organization, follow its work for sometime and express your passion for the work and your desire to work with the firm.
-Look for an organization that values your dedication. You can begin your search in the city you live in. Big cities have local branches of various national nonprofit fund organizations. Nonprofit organizations often advertise online. You could bookmark the ones you prefer and check their job boards regularly.
-If you want to get hands-on experience in any organization, you can volunteer your services initially. By volunteering, you will get to know how organized they are and their level of resources. The contacts you make in the process will definitely prove very helpful in your future job search.
-You can also complete and internship in your area of interest. If you are in school, you could get in touch with a nonprofit organization and offer them your voluntary service. Nonprofit organizations often advertise internship.

Jobs In Fundraising

You can either become a volunteer for a non-profit organization or a fundraising representative, who usually works on a commission basis. Their work is to call on clubs, schools, teams, churches and other non-profit organizations to present the products or programs their company offers. Some of the positions related to fundraising that are advertised online or in the newspapers are Charity Campaigners, Fundraising Projects Manager, Corporate Fundraiser (pharmaceuticals), Fundraising Manager or Director of Fundraising.

Commitment and a personal mission certainly makes the effort more meaningful. You need to take the profession seriously though, because fundraising is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of time and effort and the results are often unpredictable.
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