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A Simple Residual Income Business Opportunity

Aug 17, 2007
Residual income is one of the easiest ways to supplement your annual earnings because it involves generating earnings over time after one initial effort. For example, a real estate mogul who rents apartments is earning residual income on his property. His/her initial work was the purchase of the apartments. The residual income is the rent he/she receives on a regular basis.

But most of us don't have the resources--or know-how--to own and operate apartment buildings. Fortunately, there are easier and simpler ways to generate residual income.

One of the best ways is by self-publishing your own materials. To get started, consider the areas in which you have some expertise. Perhaps you're a health enthusiast with a lot of knowledge about exercise and fitness. Maybe you're a mother with plenty of tips about childcare and raising a family. Or perhaps you have experience from former jobs, like landscaping, bookkeeping or teaching.

Once you decide on an area of expertise, you'll need to create the materials you want to self-publish. Different materials work for different topics, so choose one that fits your chosen area of expertise. Fitness experts, for example, might want to create e-books with plenty of pictures that show proper exercise techniques. Childcare experts could create a series of articles or informational pamphlets. Bookkeepers might want to create actual computer tutorials or booklets.

Do an Internet search to find resources that will help you create your materials. There are many different companies that allow you to self-publish e-books or pamphlets on the web. Or you could choose a computer program that gives you the ability to write and publish articles in the appropriate format, such as a pdf file.

Next you'll need to actually write your materials. Write your articles or e-books, draw (or purchase) the pictures that will accompany them, and create any pamphlets that you plan to distribute. Many people find this the most time-consuming part of the process, but it can also be the most enjoyable. If you've chosen a topic that you're passionate about, sharing your knowledge can be a fun and fulfilling experience.

You'll also need a place to market your materials. Some people find that creating their own website--which also includes information about you and your expertise--is the best way to sell booklets, e-books and pamphlets. Other folks might want to join up with another group, organization or company that markets similar materials.

Once you have your materials in place, do a little advertising to get your name in public. Online message forums, e-newsletters and press releases are simple, inexpensive ways to advertise your materials.

As folks begin to purchase your self-published materials, you'll soon have residual income rolling into your bank account. After your initial effort of creating and marketing your materials, you simply need to sit back and watch the income pour in.
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