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Sell Solutions, Not Products

Aug 17, 2007
Knowing what people want and how you can persuade them to buy is the #1 secret to business success.

You earn wealth by serving other people; by finding the things they want and giving it to them in the form of a product or service. Entrepreneurs who understand this secret will never have to worry about cash flow.

Nobody cares about the product or service you are selling; all they care about is what the product or service will do for them and most business people don't realize this.

Most business people think they are in business to sell products or services. It's not so. They are in business to sell solutions.

Sell The End Result

People buy certain products and services because they want the end result. That's all they care about. Smart marketers do not sell the product; they sell the end result. They sell the solution, the thing they know the customer really wants!

Selling a product or service is like riding a bike up-hill. It's a struggle.

Selling a solution to a problem or the end result, is like coasting that same bike downhill!

One method is the smart way and one is the stupid way. Learning the bigger picture of what people really want and how you can persuade them to buy it, will put you in this first group of winners!

The Secret That Can Make You Financially
Independent Is Finding Out What People Want

What persuades people to buy? What causes any item to be popular, so popular that orders come pouring into a website?

Online companies can't exert any power over people to buy. The only thing known for certain is that people want to know what a product or service will do for them. So make sure your sales message is rich with benefits to the consumer. Tell a story with words that allow readers to easily visualize themselves using your product or service: "Imagine you are sitting on a beach with your XWY laptop balanced on your lap; the sun warming your face and digging your toes into cool sand."

Think in terms of how a particular benefit will stir their emotions and desires. Words such as invigorating, comforting, powerful, or mouth-watering are all emotional trigger words.

Successful marketers learn, sooner or later, that buyers don't really care about them, their company, or their product or service until they arouse a prospect's desire. So you have to learn how to portray your product as being filled with self-interest benefits, and do it in a humanely and persuasive manner.

This is what many marketers fail to learn. They find it extremely difficult to put themselves in their prospects' shoes. They fail to understand that nothing they have to offer is as important to a consumer as it is to them. Millions of dollars are wasted every year because marketers fail to understand that what consumers want to hear is not what they have to say! Revenue is being lost every day because business people fail to do this one thing.

Think about your product or service as a solution and sell the end result. Use this technique on your website to increase sales and generate more leads.
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