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Article Marketing - the Latest Craze

Aug 17, 2007
The latest craze in marketing is article marketing. Article marketing is a very easy way to market your website or product. Article marketing, done correctly, will drive lodes of search engine traffic, and article database traffic directly to your website. Article marketing done incorrectly will not be read by many potential readers and therefore will not result in very much traffic to your website. So my advice is to take your time and do it correctly. Within this article, we are going to discuss article marketing to some detail.

Some specifics about article marketing. Firstly, the article's title, must be catchy and grab your readers attention. Once you have accomplished that, you now have eyes looking at your article. The next thing you want to do is have a strong captivating first paragraph as your introduction to the article. Use what I call "clever" words to lure or pull your reader right into the heart of your article. A sample of some of what I call clever words would be words like free, hot, get it now, hurry and a bunch others.

In the body of your article, you may use one or more techniques for keeping your readers eyes glued and interested in your article. This is a skill, which must be learned. You were not born with the skill. Once you learn the skill, writing will become easier and easier. One style of writing would be riding has instructions to your reader that will explain what the article is about. Another style would be writing in conversational speak. This writing style seems to be favored by most readers. You just write as though you were talking to them one-on-one. There are many other writing styles, which would broaden the scope of this article. So I will leave that up to you to discover. But using that to you that I have described will take you a long ways towards getting that readers undivided attention.

To finish things up, you end up with what is called the resource box. Now in all reality, you should spand as much time on your resource box ass you did writing your complete article. The resource box is that important! Most article directories and allow you to have three links to your website or two different pages of your website. So get them biggest bang for your buck that you can in the resource box. I cannot emphasize it enough. You must have a good title and a good resource box!
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