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Finding the Best Income Program Residual Potential takes Research

Aug 17, 2007
The best income program for residual returns is the one in which you have the most interest, the most dedication and produces the most money. To find the best income program residual returns, it takes a lot of research.

Typically, in the business world past history is a good indicator of future performance, but cyclical businesses can be tricky and if you are looking for a steady income regardless of the time of year, you may want to avoid them. However, you so not want to discount them altogether as they can be part of your income as an independent stream.

If you are unable to find an income program that provides a steady, daily, weekly or monthly residual income, you may consider finding several with different earnings cycles.

For example, an outdoors business can supply income throughout the year with your focus on fishing in the spring, outdoor activities in the summer, hunting in the fall and exercising in the winter. This way the best income program residual potential is derived from the different seasons, from the same source.

Research the number of potential customers and repeat customers who may be interested in the program to determine if the possible residual income can grow or even survive. Insurance is one industry that provides residual income and as long as the company provides the promised service in a timely manner, customers typically stay with them.

Once the policy has been sold, and the insured continues to make the premium payments, the salesperson continues to collect the residual income. With most states requiring auto insurance today, the residual income potential is enormous.

Other programs exist that allow a person to buy at wholesale and resell for a profit. That has long been the opportunity for retailers, and other wholesalers have jumped into the mix, that buy large quantities at a reduced wholesale price and then break that into smaller quantities to resell of retailers. They can even arrange to have the product shipped directly to the buyer and, providing the total quantity does not fall below the contracted quantity, the intermediary still gets the lower price and his profit.

From then on, he processes the orders, never having to handle the product, and realizes a residual income to maintain the relationship. Conceivably bring in others to sell the product to retailers, giving them a price to maintain a slightly reduced profit and reap the residual income from the person's sales for doing nothing but setting up the second salesperson.

Whether your business is online or in person, receiving residual income from any program can be lucrative, provided you understand the product you are dealing in and the customers who may require it.
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