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Aug 17, 2007
Janice had a website. She was marketing credit cards that were offering a variety of different programs. She was using affiliate programs to generate sales or sign ups with the credit cards. But, in order to market her website she was using a variety of methods including search engine optimization, banner ads and all sorts of things but nothing really seemed to click with her audience. Although she had individuals come to her website, it seemed hard for them to make a choice between her products.

What Janice knew, though, was that people were looking for the right decisions. They wanted to know which credit cards were the right ones to sign up for. And, they needed information about managing debt too. Janice knew the answers to their questions. If only she could reach out and talk to them, she knew they would be more likely to visit her website and actually sign up.

Why not teach them? Janice put together a newsletter sign up on her website. Individuals opted into receiving an ecourse in the form of a newsletter each day or week in their email. This did several things for her. It helped her to provide the information that her clients needed to make a decision. They knew what to look for, how to select the right credit card and they understood how to manage their credit cards too. On top of this, it helped her to get them back to her website to sign up for these credit cards or other offers.

eCourses: Training Individuals Pays Off

If you have a website that is promoting a product (or are looking for one) an ecourse can be the ideal way for you to tap into solid income. By coaching or teaching individuals whatever it was that they needed to know, they begin to trust and even become loyal to the publisher. This is a great way to lure them to the website as well to make that all important purchase, sign up or opt in.

How To Make It Work

The first step is to provide for the business something to sell or market. By designing a website and promoting it, you will have your targeted audience in place. Of course, you don't have to have a lot of information here. The most important step is in the construction of the ecourse. You can write this yourself or you can have it written for you. The goal is to have individuals really get something from your ecourse. If it is full of worthless information, information that is not relevant or information that they already know, they will not go any further than that little "x" button at the top of their email screen. Quality content is the backbone of making an ecourse work for you.

What if you can't write this on your own then? That doesn't mean that you can not use an ecourse. You may be able to purchase a readymade product and provide its information through your emails or newsletters. Or you may want to have an ebook, ecourse or ecoaching program written for you. There are many areas online that you can find individuals willing to do the work for you including elance.com. This is probably the most costly of all expenses related to providing this service.

The next step is to have individuals that visit your website or see your ads to opt in or sign up for your ecourse. If you are promoting a free ecourse that will help to sell your website, as Janice is, you will want to make sure to inform individuals that there is no charge. If you are having individuals pay for the ecourse, you will need to insure they realize the value that is available by taking your ecourse. Marketing is the key here.

What Now?

Let's say that you are going the route the Janice is. You plan to develop your ecourse filled with information that will help to promote your website, products or services. In each of the emails that you send out, you will want to include back links or links to your website in them. You should also use a sales type pitch at the end of the ecourse such as "You can learn more about credit cards at yourwebsite.com." This will make them want to click to learn more about what you have to offer and get them to your website for that all important sale.

This is a very effective way of generating traffic to your website as well as providing a useful service to individuals. The key here is to make sure that the ecourse is full of good quality information, information that people want to have. This will have them dying to have your product.
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