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Blogging Your Way To Profit!

Aug 17, 2007
Blogging is quite a popular thing. Some individuals do it on their website as a journal. Others use their blogs to promote products or to update individuals on what is new and incoming. That is the case of Michael, an up and coming web designer who is in the market of selling sports related equipment. This is what he did to make his blog, well, a money generator for him.

Michael is good at website design but he didn't really know much about blogging. He soon found out it was much more than just the everyday diary that individuals liked to label it. He spent much of his time learning about the right programs to use for it and then determined to make something out of this new found tool, decided to incorporate it into his website design. He had heard from friends that this was a good way to make additional income on his website. Since the site was only doing okay, he thought that it couldn't hurt.

The first thing that he did was tap into Google Adsense. He already knew how it worked and he knew it was a money maker. He linked his blog into it (Google Adsense would then deliver ads to his blog that were specific to the blog's content). When individuals who were reading his blog decided to click on one of the ads, well, he would make a little bit of profit off of it. Now, in order for this product to work, he knew he needed to keep the blog updated.

To keep it updated, he made sure to log information there daily. It took him minutes to get online, type out what he did that day and most of the time talk about what his favorite fishing pole was and how great it was to have it.

Blogs And Money

Michael's story continues with his addition to other features that would help improve the amount of visitors that his website was to get. But, before we move on, let's catch up. First of all, a blog is an online diary of sorts. There are a couple of rules to having these on your website to make money from them. Individuals should do these things first:

1. Determine a niche for the blog and website.
2. Up date your blog daily as Michael does.
3. Get a good amount of back links which is not hard when you use directory submission for them.
4. Use an easy to use and good quality application to host your blog. Michael took the time to research the best options available.
5. Lastly, to get the most out of it, use good articles and even images on the blog.

Blogs can make you money when you use other programs as well. The most profitable way to use them is to advertise your website. They can become traffic generators to the website if you allow them to. By simply investing in programs such as Adsense from Google, individuals can make a steady stream of income from their blog.

Affiliate Programs

Many individuals make money using blogs by linking them up with affiliate programs. You'll find additional information about affiliate programs in another article, but basically it is a method of advertising someone else's products or website and making a profit off of it. Develop a website based on the affiliate programs that you belong to, use a blog on that website to generate traffic to the website, and you'll make money off of the affiliate programs easily.

Blogs are becoming a very popular form of medium used on the web. This simple diary like program can actually help individuals to create an income for themselves. When teamed up with other programs, they can make a great deal of money. Michael used them to help him promote the affiliate programs that he belonged to and then found other programs to help him to even make more out of his blog. With a little research into the right programs to use for your blog, you too can gain the ability to have blogs making money for you online.
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