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Making Sense Of Google Adsense!

Aug 17, 2007
Brian is a webmaster. Well, he likes to think he is anyway. All you have to do is have a website up, right? His website is about contact lenses. He has some experience with them and what he doesn't know, he learns. He has spent the last several days trying to figure out a way to make money on his website. He has some traffic coming to the site already and is working on building that. But, he has heard of a program that can give him additional profit by doing very little. And, it was something offered by Google which means it has to be good, right?

What Brian doesn't know is that Google Adsense is a great way to make additional income to his website by doing next to nothing really. The program is run by Google, a well known (probably the best) search engine on the internet. What it does is very simple. For Brian, it worked like this. Since his website was about contact lenses, Google Adsense would place ads on his website that were related to contact lenses. It will do this for anyone, on virtually any topic out there. Any time a visitor comes to your website and visits a sponsor (the ads that Google place there) you get a small cut in the profits.

Understanding Google Adsense

Once you design a website, you will contact the Google Adsense program. They will request information about your website and then give you a code to use. You insert the code as directed on your website and almost magically ads will appear on your website that are very close to or right on your subject matter. It works simply.

Google charges the individuals that place the ad a certain amount. When someone clicks on the ad, visits the website and/or makes a purchase, the Google Adsense program credits your account with part of the fee. The benefit of this is that it is all automatic. You don't have to track down individuals to pay for their ad space nor do you need to worry about having ads there. Some ads are worth far more than others and you can even research this and develop websites around these high paying ads.

Google Adsense is quite a straightforward and simple program. Most of the time, individuals use this type of advertising as a supplement to their current income stream. For example, they may be using affiliate programs, selling their own product or otherwise promoting something. Using these ads to supplement a profit stream into the website is the ideal way to go.

If you build up your website to attract a good amount of visitors to it, then you may be able to make a solid income from Google Adsense in itself. To do this, you will need to market your website to gain enough traffic to it so that those individuals will click on the Ads by Google and bring you some profits.

The Pros And Cons

This advertising program is used by many, many people. Webmasters love how simple the program is to use. If this is the only type of marketing you plan to do, though, you'll need to work hard to benefit from it. You'll need to have targeted traffic which is individuals that actually will be interested in the ads that Google is providing. You will also need to make sure to get as many individuals to your website as possible. In most cases, you get only pennies for clicks. Some may pay several dollars if you are very lucky.

Another important factor to note is that you'll need to insure that you do all that Google asks of you. For example, in the terms of service, you'll find laid out many things that are illegal for you to do. You can't click on your own ads, for example. This is called click fraud. You can't use Google ads on such things as pop up ads or on websites that promote adult topics. With that said, as long as you follow the rules, Google Adsense can be a good way to make a stream of income really easily.
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