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Find The Residual Income Builder Best Suitable For You

Aug 17, 2007
If you are looking for a way to compliment your primary source of income, consider creating a stream of residual income. Residual income builders are everywhere these days, thanks to the world wide web--it's just a matter of finding the type of secondary income that's best for you--one that you can afford (both time wise and financially speaking) to get started up.

There really is no saying which type of residual income builder is best for a certain type of person. There really is no way of saying what type of residual income streams would be best suitable for you--the best thing you could do to best find out what is the most suitable for you is to try something.

If you do your research online, you will see that there are a variety of ways out there to generate a complimentary source of income. Residual income is defined as income that comes after the primary effort to create the income has already occurred. Like purchasing something that brings you income afterwards, rental property for instance. People who write songs or novels or screen plays and sell the rights to them and collect dividends or royalties afterwards--these are all residual income builders.

Another popular residual income builder, although there are usually some licensing requirements in place, is selling insurance policies. Selling insurance is considered to be a form of residual income because the seller of the policy (insurance agent) is paid commissions every time the policy holder renews their insurance policy. The initial sale of the policy incurred renewal payments that come in at set intervals at the same time every year. This is why it is considered residual income, because payments are made long after the initial sale of the policy has actually occurred.

There are also a variety of residual income builders that are more directly related to the internet. Google Adwords for instance, or other pay per click programs. Many people have used Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, to generate traffic to their websites and not only do they obtain more business, but they obtain business, or 'clicks' on advertisements hosted on their sites, generating income from that. It's not really a difficult business, but it is a matter of finding the topics and subjects that interest the people, and arranging your site in such a way that it attracts hits from search engines--thereby leading people to your site and leading to more and more paid clicks on your advertisements.

Another example, although it is one of the more passive forms, is the money that is earned from making investments. Stocks and bonds are one of the most popular and profitable residual income builders, although it is another one of those things that aren't for everyone. It takes a different kind of knowledge than other residual income builders that not everybody possesses, but it is definitely a reliable source of residual income, that fluctuates up and down.
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