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Why Most Internet Marketers Fail when Trying to Make Money Online with a Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
Many people dream of a life of working at home and what better of a way than to start an online home business. The problem with this is that a lot of people expect it to be easy and fast.

Internet Marketing is a profession that can prove to be extremely profitable but at the same time it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I read once that ninety percent of those who start Internet marketing fail within the first two months. Imagine what would happen with Microsoft if Bill Gates would have quite two months after he started.

Failure is actually not usually the case when it comes to the end of an Internet business. The problem is that people learn the basics and think that they can make millions overnight. The fact is most people can make a lot of money on the Internet if they just do not give up.

I began my Internet business with absolutely no knowledge of marketing, advertising, HTML or graphic design. As a matter of fact I did not even know how I would make money. All I knew was that there had to be a lot of money in the Internet as millions of people search it everyday.

So what can you do in order to succeed on the Internet? Its simple really, do not give up! If you do not know something that you feel you need to know then do some research. There are many great forums online that have members who have no problem giving good advise. Find these resources and build your knowledge.

Probably the best advise anyone can give on this subject is that if you do not make any money in the first few weeks or even months its ok. This does not mean that you will not make any money at all. The first 3 months of my Internet business brought in a whopping zero dollars. It took about six months for me to make a steady extra income but once I did I learned how to duplicate it. That is really what it is all about, finding a way to make a few dollars and duplicating it as many times as possible.

One thing to look out for is scams and there are many of them online today. Make an educated decision before you spend any money and be sure to ask around be doing so. If you get anything out of this article at all be sure to remember these things:

- Be patient, there are very few people that earned any money at all in the first few weeks of their online business. If it takes you 6 months or longer to start making a little money then that is still a little money that you would not have been making otherwise.

- Find trusted Internet Marketers and listen to there advise. If they have made a lot of money online then they can show you how. The trick is finding the good forums in which they spill the beans. I have learned more about Internet Marketing from the Warrior Forum than anywhere else on the Internet.
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