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Earning Residual Income from Your Investment

Aug 17, 2007
If you want to be an independent business entrepreneur there are lots of paths you can take to do it when you are ready to begin your journey. The price you will pay to take this financial trip will be lots of your time and at least some of your money.

What you will be doing will be earning residual income from your investment of time and capital. The price you will pay but will be worth it.

When you complete the building of your enterprise you will have made yourself a passive cash flow business. This type of income is mostly passive and comes from your time and money investment from one total major effort.

It keeps making profits for you over and over for a long time with little additional effort required. One of the purposes of it is to be easy and automatic for you, month after month. It is like a magic trick where your investment is turned into a steady cash flow.

It is not likely that you will ever develop a stream of cash for doing nothing but you can develop one with a focused effort. Once it is completed the effort is far easier to maintain. This one time investment module business has been done by many entrepreneurs before you and can be done by you also if you are ready to pay the price to get it.

Think about the old songs and movies from the last century that had the magic residuals label attached to them. They let their activities in entertainment be recorded for perpetuity for this lovely agreement to pay them a stipend every time it is played for public entertainment use forever.

They made their recording, movie or television show once and many episodes are shown repeatedly for many decades. They get paid for these showings for the rest of their lives and many entertainment properties continue to draw income indefinitely long after the actor, author or singer passes away.

A new version of this is the audio book where printed materials are read by the original author or a good speaker and recorded. These can be rented or bought. They can be on cds, ipods, mp3s, tapes or even listened to and or viewed one time or for a low fee, if desired, on the inter net.

Web sites are examples of developing a residual income. One of the great examples of this is a simple page on Ebay where products can be directly or indirectly sold off of or through the online site. Many email lists have been built off of Ebay and other auction sites through creative marketing and sales techniques.

A completed web site can be built or programmed to pre sell leads, develop reasons for them to order, show testimonials about your satisfying product, answer many questions and finally to take the order for you. Ideally a shopping cart will be downloaded and customized to send your customer orders for your dolls, audio books, e-books and other products for you.

The completed product is your job done that brings you your residual income from your time and money efforts put into it. You will have added article, explanation and sales content.

It will be formatted and ranked high by search engines because of the prepared content you had put on it. The time it takes to make it work for you will be worth the effort you put into it. The finished product will ideally drive lots of traffic and sales to your site.

At this point all of the hard work will of been done. The income flow will start from the web site. Another effective tool that brings you residual income here is the auto responder.

This marketing tool is cheap and impersonal to you as far as being over involved goes. Auto responders can be loaded up with messages, to help you sell your products that can be pre done for over a year if you wish to.

Pop ups can sell your web site visitors a free e-book in exchange for their being added to your email list via the auto responder. The lead or customer will get an immediate message from the auto responder.

After this they can be sent useful messages and occasional offers as long as they live. Setting this fabulous sales tool up is easy and can help you in many sales and credibility building ways.

A list of customer questions can be answered literally anytime by the auto responder that never sleeps. If a customer is ready to buy in Paris, Pennsylvania, Moscow or Sydney they can order and get their product shipped, at anytime, or downloaded starting virtually immediately.

An auto responder will send out critical and wanted information, special offers and sales on a reasonable time separation basis that will bring you regular or residual income. It is one of the great residual income tools used by successful inter net marketers today. It takes some time for you to build or you can have the whole residual income plan built on your auto responder for you.

Finally, build a web site using Ebay with an Ebay sales or promotion page. Become an affiliate for writers or other professionals to perform services for your customers.

Sell newer, hot on the inter net, items like audio books and other sound equipment. Make it something you feel enthusiastic about. Many products available today make this very possible for you.

Investing in a business today to build a residual income is as possible today as it always has been. This is the power of residual income. It is not a get rich quick plan but it is a steady cash flow for you.

You are investing in a business and earning a cash stream for your efforts. Now you know about this so there is no reason to be a job slave forever. Let an investment in a residual income from home set you financially free.
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