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Making Money With Directory Sites and Review Sites Too!

Aug 17, 2007
Marie visited the same location every day. She had a website about fitness that she was promoting. She had okay traffic to the website but she wanted to make a better income from them. In order to do this, Marie looked for different ways to make more income. She would have individuals write articles (often writing them herself) and she would submit them to article directories.

These are websites that would allow individuals to post their articles with a link at the bottom of them about their website. Others could come to the website, pick up the articles with that all important link and use them on their website. This would mean that individuals that found the article online would click on the link and it would bring them back to her website.

She visited many article directories each day. Then, she thought, that these websites must be making some money since so many people come her. It hit her then. Perhaps she could create an article directory online, just like the ones that she used and maybe she could turn a profit on them.

Article Directories And Review Sites

These two websites are user frequently. Individuals provide this service to others on the website. It is ideal for them to promote the website like crazy in order to get individuals to come there.

At the review sites, you can fill them with reviews of your niche (topic) products. Of course, a good review should be accompanied with a link to where you can buy the product. This is call pre selling the product to individuals and it gets you a good sized cut of the commission. The goal on these websites is to provide a review which is a detailed explanation of how the product worked, what was good and bad about it and to get these, if possible, from individuals that have used the products first hand.

In directory sites, as described, individuals provide articles with their website's link located on them. When others pick these up and use them, this creates a link on another website for individuals to click on. To make money on these sites, individuals can use programs such as Google Adsense to help them. This program allows individuals to make money off of the ads that are placed on the site.

In directory sites, individuals can also make a good sized amount of income after they beef up their websites. By putting money into the website and having it rank well in the search engines, this will make it a better site for individuals to go to. In short, the more people that use the site, the better. Once this is achieved, individuals can then charge people a small fee for submitting their article to the directory.

Even still, many article directories sell products and services. For example, it is important for individuals to have their website submitted to the search engines. A search engine allows individuals to look for what they need on the web by simply typing in a phrase. The biggest is Google. Website owners need to have their website listed on these sites if they hope for individuals to come to the site when they search for a topic. So, back to the article directories, some offer a software program or other product that will automatically submit their website to the search engines. This is a way of making money on a product that many of the individuals coming to the site can use.

The Pros And Cons

Article directories and review websites provide a service that individuals are looking for. You can provide that service inexpensively to them. But, you will need to market your website to attract individuals to it. At first, most article directories can not charge for submissions to them simply because no one wants to pay for this on a new or up and coming website. Funds may be limited, then, to Google Adsense or other such programs.

Using article directories and review websites to generate an income is a good, solid plan. You will need some experience with marketing on the web (or you can just learn it like most individuals do!) and you will need to put in the funds to make your site tick well before you can begin making any serious money on it.
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