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Boost Sales At Trade Shows With These Tips

Aug 17, 2007
Trade shows are a great way to demonstrate how your product or service works. It is also a great place where trade enquiries can be generated. More than that, it is also a venue where there can be instant follow-up as you have a potential customer right there as a captive audience. Let us show you how best you can use your trade show booths as sales tools. We give below a few tips on how to enhance your selling through a trade show booth.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your captive audience stays captive. One great way of doing that is free food and drink. This might seem a bit over the top or a waste of money to a lot of people but when you translate it into the number of footfalls and even more, grabbing eyeballs, it adds up to a great way to keep people listening to what you have to say. You might just have a few potential customers at your booth for a few minutes more than they would normally have spent there and that might just make the difference between a sale and no sale. Your booth also looks like it's popular because it will always have a few people hanging around. This is purely psychological but works well in trade shows as people like to visit the popular booths as they don't like to miss out on anything happening.

You could also have on the spot promotion schemes. This too, makes people stop and hang around and give your booth more than just that cursory look. You can have any kind of offer - just remember if it's innovative, you'll get the crowds in. What are the offers you could think of? It could be free gifts when they buy something or a life warranty thrown in or an attractive discount. The trick is to make it new and exciting. If your promotion is good, you could well cover all the costs of your trade show expenses and then some! Before you run promos however, check with the organizers if it is permitted. Some trade shows prohibit such kind of sales gimmicks.

The great thing about a trade show is focused communication. That's probably why trade shows are becoming so hugely popular today. It means the customer has come there to look at products and services. His mind is already open to a sale. It is up to you to push through with the sale of your product and make sure he buys yours not someone else's. Your communication can be more focused with well-designed and printed handouts and clear, informative details about what you are selling.

Try and have testimonials. If you can have past satisfied customers speaking to the potential ones, there's nothing quite like it. You can record these or use them in printed matter. Of course if you can manage a live, interactive session there would be nothing quite like it! Somehow, there is a comfort level when the target audience knows that someone else like him has bought the product or service and is happy with it.
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