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Writing And Selling eBooks For Money!

Aug 17, 2007
Are you a writer? Jason didn't think he was. But, he noticed that so many people were buying ebooks (including himself) online. He wondered if it were possible for him to write on one of his favorite subjects and sell his book online too. He was a lover of poker and new most tricks of the trade. After visiting website after website, he saw others making money off of ebooks. When Jason would purchase and download them, he would already know most of what was in them. Why shouldn't he make some money selling ebooks then?

So, he set out. It was easy. He found a website, www.elance.com where he could hire an individual to actually do the writing part for him. He provided the information and they put it together. The result was that he had a complete ebook in a matter of weeks and could easily sell it online. Now, how was he to sell it?

Ebook Selling

Like Jason, many individuals have knowledge that they can share. It doesn't even matter what it is, as there are many individuals looking for strange and even unusual ebooks (in fact, the more unique it is the better!) By writing your own ebooks, or having them ghost written for you, you can then take the time to promote them and sell them online for little to no cost. Individuals purchase them and that's it. You have made a decent income.

How To Get Started

The first step is to find information to market. You can even use the web to help you to research all of the options out there. Get your ebook written. Again, you can visit online websites where individuals sell their services to have the book ghost written for you. This means that they write the book but you put your name on it and you sell it as your own. Once the book is set up and designed, you can begin selling it.

To sell your book, you have several options. You will want to market and advertise it as you would any other product. This can be done by developing your own website to market the ebook. From here, all you need to do is to develop the website through advertising it and marketing techniques in order to get visitors there. Once there, they simply make their purchase and download their ebook. That's it. And guess what? You are making money while you sleep here.


There are some costs involved in writing and selling your ebook. First, you will need to have the book written if you do not feel you can do this yourself. If this is the case, you will pay for this in a flat fee. From there, you'll want to develop a website to sell this book. You will need to pay for the hosting of the site and you'll need to provide for advertising for your ebook as well. There are many ways to do this advertising from search engine optimization of your website to the use of banners and even classified ads.

Jason was able to sell his ebook after he developed his own website about poker. He then linked it to several websites where individuals came to play poker. This was a small investment for him, but it allowed him to get customers to his site. Once they were there, the book sold itself. He was able to make a constant steady flow of income from one investment of having the book written for him. It was an easy way to make money at home.

One thing that should be mentioned about ebooks is that when one is crafted by you, you may want to use a special type of software that will help the ebook from being 'stolen' online and resold. Since most ebooks are written in a PDF format, this can be easy to steal and resell. The software programs that stop this from happening work by only allowing the individual to read what is available online or they may need a special pass code to open the product on a one time basis. This is an ideal way to protect your product.

Getting into writing ebooks is simple. Figure out what you would like to write about, or better yet, do some research and learn what others want to read, and then have the book written. Make sure to provide good quality information and to market your ebook properly. From there, individuals can easily make a steady stream of income.

Some software or eBook selling sites allow an option where the book is encoded and cannot be opened without a password, which you get when you buy the eBook. Obviously, it isn't foolproof, as people can still sell on the book and password, but it does offer more protection than just selling the eBook totally unprotected.
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