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Turning Ideas into Residual Income Programs

Aug 17, 2007
Some cash flow businesses and programs are ready made and some are not. If you are ready to start turning your ideas into residual income programs then perhaps starting your own repeat business is the way to go for you.

Every one who tries to come up with their own affiliate type business is surprised to learn that there are at least several marketable ideas inside their minds already.

If you are not in a hurry you can come up with your own idea in a reasonable amount of time. There will be a lot of satisfaction and confidence in it for you if you start your own residual income idea rather than being a lemming and launching an affiliate business made out of the mind of someone else.

It is not as hard as you might imagine. It just takes some time and brain storming with yourself or your associates.

This is how every business on the planet Earth started so the concept is not new. Out of creative minds, with a bit of courage, is how it all begins. Write down on a piece of paper the following message.

I will beget my first two affiliate income ideas in the next forty eight hours. Put the piece of paper somewhere and come back to it in precisely two days.

Your brain will of come up with two ideas at least. This is because you told it to. Everyone of us is different. So, some of us will develop products to sell in affiliate programs.

Some of us will develop products that we will sell on a repeat basis just by ourselves. Some of us like working with people and some of us do not like working with others in marketing our products, which is also okay.

We need to develop products that will sell to a wider niche audience if we are going to start an affiliate business. We want to keep our minds thinking about niche products that many people will need.

Something that is not being completely filled by a cheap and effective product, on the market, already. This or these products will fill a need for our target market that has a problem which we can solve for them with our product.

Some things, on the market, that do this are audio books, multi foreign language translation software, article directories, health and nutrition products that fill a unique need. Do you see where I am going here?

All these products come out with new twists, fairly often, that fill different niche market needs. There may be a massive market already but maybe you can see a niche part of them that is not being filled yet.

Some examples might be; for audio books perhaps you could specialize in classic books read by people with good speaking voices or even the original author if they are still alive. For foreign language translation software perhaps you could come up with an old language seldom used by a lot of people who still live in the country.

For article directories you can specialize in a few categories of articles. For health nutrition you could search for new and safe health products that are barely known yet, to sell.

When the product idea comes to you the next step is to decide if you want to make it, which is more common today, or have another manufacturer make it for you. The logical next step is to find a drop shipper to process orders and ship them out for you unless you want, as many do, to do this step yourself. This is cool because it will leave you more time to market your goods.

If you want an affiliate program you can start to develop it now. Cheat a little, and look through lots of different affiliate programs through the major providers and you will come up with lots of good ideas to use. Study your best looking competition to determine commission fees and terms to pay your affiliates.

Next it is time to build a hard hitting and marketing web site. A good experienced programmer can help you with this.

Many articles directories have direct links to reasonably priced programmers to help you with this step. Programmers will develop it for you, according to your desires. Their job is to help you figure out the monitoring of your sales and sales form for each web site. This includes downloading a good and secure shopping cart.

Affiliate payments must be very accurate. Credit to and for down line associates, who have money coming, must also be precise.

How you get your earnings from affiliate sales or just your sales must be accurate to keep you in business. Once all of this is tested and retested and in top working order you are ready to launch your target marketing game plan.

When you and your partner do not want affiliates in your residual income program, everything is simpler. Writing e-books and selling audio books can build you a nice cash flow. E-books are popular because they can be marketed to other people to add to their product portfolios or their web sites.

Creating a residual income program affiliate on a private, personal or partner basis is something anyone can do. Massive free sales and training aids are available on product forums and through free quality articles available on article directories.

E-book programs, that make nice money, can be built cheaply. Audio book programs are more difficult and you should join as an affiliate with a good looking marketing program that has an excellent marketing web site.

You can build a huge affiliate program and have people work for you. You can sell products yourself or with a partner.

You can market high priced unique and hard to find products and work with a small group. The possibilities are endless. All it takes to start is a unique product idea that fills a big need.
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