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Business At Home Jobs- Dealing With Employees

Aug 17, 2007
Many businesses that begin in the garage or a room in the home quickly expand and suddenly they have taken over the entire basement, hired employees and are dealing with expansion issues. This short article discusses several issues associated with hiring employees, contractors and casual workers.

You may have been working with your small business out of your home for some time, business has been good and now you are ready to expand. Suddenly you are dealing with employment issues such as hiring, benefits, and deductions at source, government filings. Many small business owners throw up their hands and decide it is just not worth it to deal with all of the personal and personnel issues that are involved with dealing with employees. There is also liability insurance that is required to cover your employees while they are on your premises.

Small business owners have other choices when it comes to having work completed for them and they do not all involve someone coming into your home to complete the work you need to have completed. Many small business owners will subcontract work out to other small businesses. Subcontracting is an excellent approach as long as you take the time to define the product you want delivered, the quality of the product, the price of the product and the delivery date. Get these four items right, hire an excellent subcontractor who delivers quality work, on time and provides support for follow-up and you generally will have a very successful relationship.

In addition to the above benefits of using subcontractors, there are other valuable advantages. Subcontractors can be hired only when you need them, there is no need for dealing with pension plans, un-employment, health coverage and other assorted deductions. You pay for what you get and they deal with any of these issues separately. In addition there is no need for liability coverage, since these people are not on your payroll and they generally do not work at your home.

Online business entrepreneurs are particularly suited for work on a subcontracting basis. These subcontractors can be virtually anywhere in the world and are able to send you your material by email or in the case of large files using FTP transfer methods. Many people have started online home businesses and deal with sub contractors all over the continent. Keep excellent records and always ensure that there are clear guidelines associated with your subcontracted work to avoid any misunderstanding between you and your subcontractor.
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