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Is Article Writing A Miserable Failure?

Aug 17, 2007
I am not sure about your politics but it seems that a lot of people think that George Bush is a miserable failure. Go on, test it out for yourself, key 'miserable failure' into Google and you will see, there firmly at number one, the 'Biography of the president from the official White House web site'.

Of course, 'miserable failure' does not appear on the web-site and is not part of the domain name, so how come he's number one? Well, it's all a result of what is called a Google Bomb, effectively many, many sites linking to any site with the same keyword, in this case, miserable failure.

So, if you have doubted the power of article marketing and a keyword linking strategy, just think of George and what a miserable failure he is :o) In short, if you can get ENOUGH sites linking to your sites with YOUR DESIRED KEYWORD then all other things being equal and given time, your site will appear in Google at around the #1 spot for that keyword. Important point to note though, you should NOT get all your inbound links saying the same thing, vary them around a little, Google likes it that way.

With Internet Marketing and Article Marketing it is important to find something that works and repeat it. First things first. What you want to do is effectively create a 'blueprint', one that can be repeated again and again for any and every business.

That is why I just want to mention barley for a second. You see, a friend of mine is a farmer and he told me that winter barley always crops better than the barley sown in spring. You see, even though the winter barley does not grow that much in the winter months, its roots have a chance to go deeper. When growing season finally comes with the warmer weather then whoosh! Off it goes. What has this got to do with article marketing? Well, I have just launched a site that specializes in internet marketing strategy and one of the tactics we talk about a lot is article marketing.

Well, if you think of articles as winter barley then you will start to get the idea. The more articles you sow, the more time you allow to pass, the deeper the roots of those articles go. If you write and submit your articles correctly then it wont be long before other sites start to publish those articles. Over time, those articles get sucked into publishing databases and then more sites publish your articles. Those early sites also start to mature, gaining page rank and links of their own, thereby passing some of that authority to you. So there you have it, winter barley.

It may seem that on the surface that not much is happening but there is a lot going on just below the surface, just like your articles. Sow enough seed and one day, you too, just like George, can be number one, a miserable failure, or any other keyword you name to mention.
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