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The Power Of Cold Calls!

Aug 17, 2007
All the while I receives cold calls from strangers trying to sell me something. Sometimes they tell me to invest in something. I always wonder why these irritating salespersons keep calling me. Basically, they have almost zero chance of getting me to buy something or invest in something. Especially when they are strangers to me. I finally found my answer one day through training session given by my mentor. He shared with us on the power of cold calls!

Assuming you have an interesting proposal and decide to ask someone to be an investor. For every 10 strangers that you have called, about 5 of them will agree to meet you to hear you out. Out of these 5 people who have agreed to meet you, only 3 will really turn up and meet you. Out of these 3 persons that hear you out, 1 of them will become your customer!

The ratio may various from person to person. Some people have better ratio. Maybe out of every 10 strangers that they cold called, they get will get about 2 customers. Some people have poorer ratio. Maybe out of every 20 strangers that they had approached, they will only get 1 customer.

After hearing out the power of cold calls, I decided to test it out. This is because I never accept anything blindly. I figured that instead of making cold calls, I could test it out on new acquaintance that I have just met through other channels. This is almost equivalent of making cold calls. My small experiment was to ask about 10 people to review the book that I have written.

Guess what is the outcome of the experiment? Out of the 10 people, some of them rejected to help me to review my book. But there are some who agreed to do so. For those who had agreed to do so, a few of them did not really follow up on their agreement. Somehow they are too busy to meet me to get a copy of my book. Out of those who finally got a copy of my book for review, only one person really finish reading the book and give me a full review!

After I had verified the power of cold calls, I decided that it is possible to apply the same thing on other aspect of my life. For example, if I ever required help, I will ask for help. Surely there will be someone willing to help me based on the power of cold calls. If I want to look for more friends, I simply have to meet up with more strangers. Surely, a few of them will become my friends based on the power of cold calls.

The idea that I will like to share with you:
Use The Power Of Cold Calls To Your Advantage!

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