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The Absolute Power of Article Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Simply put, you write, or get someone else to write for you, articles on your web-site subject matter. Make sure that the article has enough targeted keywords liberally spread throughout the article, for example, in this case, I could target either article marketing or Internet Marketing. The trick is to have around 1% - 5% keyword density.

The other important MUST HAVE is to make sure that your signature box or author resource box is correctly formatted so that your targeted keyword is pointing at your URL. For example, I could create an author resource box that said something along the lines of:

Allen Jesson is a leading authority on Internet Marketing and Article Marketing, having already achieved expert and platinum status at leading article directories.

I would then simply encase Internet Marketing and Article Marketing in html a tags, pointing at my URL. I would do it within the confines of this article but a lot of the article directories do not allow html within the article body, some of them do not even allow it within the author resource box. Can't win them all because that is the final part of our article marketing strategy. What we MUST do now is to submit our finished article to various article directories.

What happens next I can hear you ask? Well, that is where the magic starts to happen. First off, you will find that within a matter of weeks, if not days, the major search engines will start to pick up your articles and of course, they are embedded with your targeted keyword links to your site. Even more exciting is that other content hungry webmasters will then want to publish your article, again with your links in place, on their web-sites. Before you know it, you can have literally hundreds of one way links pointing at your web-site, but more importantly, those links are all saying the same thing, your targeted keyword.

This is off page search engine optimization paradise.

Article Marketing really does make Internet Marketing a breeze and it should be a cornerstone of any decent Internet Marketing strategy. However, a few words of caution. One, article writing and article marketing does take time.

This article for example has taken around 30 minutes to write, with another 30 minutes to market, makes 60 minutes in total. You can only do so many in a day. The other tip is not to use the same targeted keyword in your author box as some search engines may see this as unnatural behaviour, especially if your web-site is new, with few other links.

So, there you have it, if you want to succeed in Internet marketing you really need to get into article marketing in a big way.
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Allen Jesson writes for several sites, making sense ofinternet marketing strategy and making money with a home based net marketing business.
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