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Internet Marketing and Snake Oil - Know The Difference

Aug 17, 2007
There are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there, all lining up promising you great riches and untold wealth, of course, only if you buy their latest and greatest 'secret' system, you know the one, it's the one that will create massive unending streams of income, all it will take you is a couple of minutes to install and then you can rest easy and watch the money flow in.

Of course, I exaggerate a little, but if you have had any exposure to Internet Marketing then you will have already come across some outlandish claims. That's the aim of this site really. To cut out the B.S. and give you a totally honest and fair appraisal of how to succeed with Internet Marketing.

There is no such thing as a free lunch and any 'quick and easy' solution will give you just that, quick and easy results that will quickly and easily disappear just as fast. I think a lot of Internet Marketing salesmen (or gurus lol) and like the horse tipsters you come across, the ones that sell 'tips', for a fee. The same flaw is evident in both business models.

If a tipster could back enough winners to make a profit, in theory, an unlimited profit as long as he could find someone to take his or her bets, then why on Earth would they share that information with you? The answer of course is that is what they have tried first and they failed. That is why they are selling you the information, their first and preferred business model didn't work the first time, so they fall back on their plan B, which is to sell the information to any mug that comes along.

Sadly, so it is with Internet Marketing. Not surprisingly, given the size of the burgeoning Internet economy, there are a lot of people out there who have quietly been making hundreds of thousands, if not millions, with tried and trusted systems, which are usually built in house. These systems have always bordered on being legitimate, at least in terms of the search engine law makers and in truth, it never takes long for Google and the like to catch onto the latest 'trick' and all of a sudden, literally overnight in some cases, those rivers of cash dry up.

That is when the snake oil salesmen come out in their droves, once their 'system' is no longer working to it's maximum, that's when they sell it to you. Of course, they will show you statements of their Google and Paypal accounts that show 'proof' that, at one time, their system did indeed work. But it no longer works, or at least not well enough, that is why they are selling it to you.

They will create every argument in the book to make you buy. Limited offers, price going up tomorrow, buy this and get this free, you know, in Internet marketing, every sales trick is allowed. But the big question they never answer is this:

"If the system is that darn good then why don't they just employ a few people, hundreds even, and get them to operate the system on their behalf?" The short answer is, that is what they used to do, when it worked. Now that it's shelf life is definitely limited, that is when they sell it to you.

So, in summary, when it comes to Internet Marketing you need to purchase with your eyes wide open and if something is too good to be true, then trust me, it probably is.
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Allen Jesson writes for several sites, making sense ofinternet marketing strategy and making money with a home based net marketing business.
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