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Is Content Site Or Sales Page Better For Affiliates Internet Programs

Aug 17, 2007
Before you make your mind, it is wise to think both issues along the strategy an affiliates internet programs marketer has chosen. In general both site types have their own functions in the Internet.

What is a content site and a sales page?
Content site is like a booklet or book and sales page like a separate ad. So content site has a lot of content about the issue, more than 30 pages normally. It gives a deeper information about affiliates internet programs.

A sales page is one page ad with the purpose to sell immediately or to get the visitors email address. A sales page is often a link from the content site. This means that the task of the content site is to pre sell the idea, to make a reader warm or ready for a sales pitch. And to make him return to the site many times because of the useful information the site offers.

Which one is more important for affiliates internet programs marketer depends, whether he is running long term campaigns or immediate sales campaigns.

With huge amount of content a marketer can almost dominate his markets with a lot of keywords.Each page can be search engine optimized and the change of keywords is easy, if some has lost the efficiency.

One fact that support to build a content site for your affiliates internet programs is the image impact. All site online has an image, a bad or a good one. They are brands. It is clear that with a content site a marketer can build up a professional image and more reliability.
This is the best feature of the content site. A professional image has a long term effects.

Often sales page is given to affiliates internet programs marketer by his merchant. This means that there are thousands of similar pages online. This is a disadvantage because people appreciate unique pages, not copycats.

But when affiliates internet programs marketer build a content site it is unique. With for instance 50 pages, he can have many products, affiliate programs and services for sale and he can drop and add products according to, which ones are selling and which are not.

Affiliate internet programs marketer can optimize all pages of the site and thus to reach good page rank positions in the search engines. This gives the site a regular possibility to good, targeted free traffic, whether he is sleeping or awake.

So as you can see both site types are very different from each other. Affiliates internet programs marketer must choose which one to use according to the task of the usage. However it is important to think long term and not to choose the easiest route with the ready made sales page. In the long term the quality will win, believe me.
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