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Internet Business Income Opportunity, Quick Sales With PPC

Aug 17, 2007
This is the best internet can offer, tightly targeted target group, who voluntarily want to see your ads.

1. How can you quarantee an effective PPC campaign?
There are 3 issues, on which you must concentrate. Keywords, ad copy and cost per click. Keywords must represent big enough amount of searches per month with lowest possible supply, ad copy must be keyword optimized and split tested and cost per click so low that the whole campaign is profitable. In this way PPC campaign is a real internet business income opportunity.

2. Effective keywords.
Keywords are terms, which people use to search information from the Internet. This means that keywords are your markets because the needs of the target group and your offer will be connected by the keywords.
Because for very sale an internet marketer needs hundreds of visitors, it is useful to use hundreds of related keywords in every campaign in order to maximize your internet business income opportunity.

3. Be creative.
When you select the keywords, try to set yourself into the trousers of your potential buyer. What different reasons and mind sets he may have when he searches information from the net?

4. Different needs.
A potential buyer can search internet home business to make some extra money or even multiple stream of internet income. He may search information of internet marketing, an interesting hobby for himself, or a serious internet business income opportunity.

But he can also be interested to do business with people from all over the world or see how fascinating it is that internet works all the time, day and night, even when he sleeps.

All above needs, plus many others, are those you must try to meet with right keywords and customized ad copies. To be effective you must speak the language of your target group and with the style, which matches the emotional state of mind the searhers have.

Take this seriously, because these emotional things will solve, whether your PPC campaign will bring the results.

5. Use different ad copies and make split tests.
At search engine ads, you can use about 100 characters plus the url. It means that every single character must be carefully thought. You can have tens of different versions from the same copy.

PPC campaign responds so quickly, that it is easy to see which copies work. By changing lines or the order of the words you can improve the conversion rates dramatically. To make PPC to work as a good internet business income opportunity use keyword on the first line of the ad, because that matches to what the searcher is after.

6. What is the job of the ad copy.
The ad must become noticed, arouse interest and desire and make the reader to click the link. This is called pre selling. All selling will happen from the landing page.

7. Do not use content page as a landing page.
PPC ad gives a visitor a hint about what is coming. When a visitor has clicked the ad and arrives to the landing page, the same style must continue. More encouragement to join the program and of course a gift, when he gives his email address. This makes the visit a long term internet business income opportunity, because now you can use autoresponder and send him direct marketing over a long period of time.

8.How much you should pay?
PPC is an internet business income opportunity, which means that the income must be greater than the costs. When you know the conversion rate, how many clicks in average is needed for one sale, you can calculate the profitability of the campaign.

If your average sale is $ 60 and the conversion rate is 1 %, 100 visitors is needed for every sale. All clicks, which costs under 60 cents are profitable. How much under, depends on the profitability target you have set. In praxis the price of keywords varies greatly, even day by day, because PPC is a real time auction.
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