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CD Binders - Protect Your Media From The Elements

Aug 17, 2007
Not long ago we were led to believe that a compact disk could last for a century or more. CD's were thought to be the ideal in convenience; both permanent and easy to carry. Along with DVD's, they are still one of the most highly recommended storage media, but users now know that they are far from being indestructible. Thus, the need for compact disk binders.

One of the most common drawbacks of compact disks is that, depending on their quality, their surface can easily be scratched, leading to poor or completely compromised playback. Moreover, you may have spotted visible dots on some CD's. These patches can grow until they turn into fully transparent areas. The cause is a biological fungus of the type "Geotrichum," which eats into the polycarbonate surface and, to make matters worse, may affect the aluminum where data is stored.

This fungus is a problem whether your compact disk is original, blank, or of high or low quality. Its voracious nature makes no distinction. The effects of Geotrichum are known as the "CD cancer," and were first noticed a few years ago, especially in tropical areas, with wet warm weather.

The frequency of these misfortunes, however, has tended to decrease as users have learned how to take better care of their CD's, particularly by storing them in secure CD binders, which protect them from moisture, scratches, extreme heat, liquids, or other destructive elements.

Far from bulky wooden or cardboard boxes, the new CD binders keep your data safe without cluttering your work area. Sturdy storage boxes or binders are available to handle a range of storage needs, from one CD to a great many. These are typically made of polypropylene, a durable light material that is virtually indestructible under normal business and home conditions. These CD binders come with different accessories, such as concealed rivets, breakaway easel binders, and sheet lifters, to give them a professional appearance and enhance their utility.

CD binders are available at a reasonable price and come in many colors, so that users may color-code their collections to customize and organize their CD's. Security does not mean lack of appeal. Compact disk binders in different finishes and colors can be printed to highlight your company logo.

Most CD binders come with protective double-sided sleeves with writable strips; they are also available with universal binder holes for easy transfer between a portable CD binder and a storage box.

These CD binder products are part of the growing industry of first-class essential computing and home entertainment accessories. Whether at the office or on the road, compact disk binders are an affordable tool to protect your valuable data, and organize your CD collection.

No matter where you store you CD's, keep in mind that, as opposed to analog files, digital files may be corrupted suddenly. Store your CD media in a secure manner, and consider making back-up copies to ensure that you will always be able to access your data. CD boxes and binders are a simple cost effective way to safely store your CD's or DVD's.
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