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How To Mine A Diamond Of A Mailing List Lead?

Aug 17, 2007
I bet you are wondering what on earth the title means, and how a mailing list lead can be compared to a diamond... yes?

Well, I want to capitalize on that curiosity and, if you read on, all will be revealed!

Put in its simplest terms, a good mailing list lead is as rare as a diamond. Is it starting to get clearer? No? Ok. A diamond does not start out as the precious stone that it becomes. In fact, it takes a lot of cutting and polishing before a diamond reaches its dazzling brilliance. The same can be said of a list of leads/prospects, it does not reach its true potential until it has had some work done on it.

If you still need convincing, then I will continue.

What exactly is a mailing list lead?

A mailing list lead should always be treated as an individual, or rather the link to an individual person who has a potential interest in your product or service. The method to find these group can vary, but typically it is by an opt-in form for a mailing list.

Of course, every Internet marketer has the same aim and that is to acquire as many new leads as possible. This enables them to promote their products and services on a far more direct and personal basis. The potential for converting leads into sales is far greater than using other methods, such as cold-calling or 'spamming'.
It is always important to use professional and well-written correspondence when contacting any members of a mailing list.

You do need to advise your list members of any new products or special offers on a regular basis, of course, but always bear in mind that you should never appear to be giving them a 'hard-sell', rather a friendly update. This is by far the best method of optimizing the usefulness of any broadcast.

Marketing is the key to any successful online business and is worth investing as much as your budget allows. Of course, money is often tight, but this does not mean that you cannot find a source of free leads.
Free leads, am I for real?!

A free mailing list is often one that has been acquired through a link on a free advertising network page. The only proviso in being able to take advantage of this type of free promotion is that you have to agree to accept a one-off advertising email. This is where your advertisement is placed.

You may be skeptical of this type of advertising, and think that many emails are simply deleted before they are read, but they really do work. The percentage uptake I have experienced is proof! You are guaranteed to receive regular mailing list leads if you sign up for one of these networks.

Bulk emails, as you know, are often considered 'spam'. Almost every email server now has strict filters to reduce the amount of this unwanted mail from reaching its customers. You do not want all of your hard work in finding that potentially valuable lead to be invalidated by these measures. This could be extremely costly - to say the least.

To avoid being branded as 'spam', any communication that you send to a list of leada needs to be as personalized and professional as possible.

You have the power to convert your marketing into money, or to have it consigned to the mass of mediocrity that fills the Internet.

Always treat every person or prospect with the value that he or she deserves and this tactic can become part of your success story.
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