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Article Marketing Can Explode Your Profits

Aug 17, 2007
Did you know that...when it comes to article marketing there are many, many ways to literally explode your profits? Step 1 of course is to write your article. Make sure you have a catchy title and that your content tries to solve your readers problem.

Once you have completed your article the trick then is to market in as many places as possible. Manually submit to some of the larger article directories, such as Ezine. I think this is where a lot of people go wrong in their article marketing, they spend maybe an hour writing the article and only five minutes marketing it.

Here is a quick rule for you: "Spend as much time marketing your article as you do writing it".

That is the idea really. Get your article listed in as many places as you possibly can. Got it? Next, you want to make sure that your article resource box points to a web-site that matches the overall content of your article. Even more importantly, make sure that the landing page that you advertise has an objective i.e. get the visitor to sign up to your newsletter. There is no point in getting a visitor if all they do is read your article! You need them to do something, sign up, buy something, click on an ad. You get the idea. It is acalled a MDA, or Most Desired Action in the business.

When it comes to your resource box, another important thing to remember is to ensure that your targeted keywords are hyper-linked to your web-site. Also, do not make the mistake of using the same keyword for all your article submissions. Vary them around a little. Google and the like will get very suspicious if you have 200 links pointing at you saying YOUR KEYWORD and no others.

Be patient. Article marketing takes time. It takes time to write them. It takes time to market them. It takes time for them to have an effect. But the benefits in the long run are quite extraordinary. Especially when other web-site publishers start to pick up your articles and put them on their web-sites. One article may have a life and an income for many years to come.

So, that is it really. Write, write well, market well and be patient, you will be very successful.

Now, please sit down and start writing that article. Remember, the longest journey begins with a single step (or article).
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Allen Jesson writes for several sites, making sense ofinternet marketing strategy and making money with a home based net marketing business.
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