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How Does Multi-level Marketing Company Works?

Aug 17, 2007
Most of us are into the usual 9 to 5 jobs. We engage in our so-called 'real' jobs because we really want to or because we are forced to. There's nothing wrong with a 9 to 5 job, but there could be other sources of income which is not so bland and boring.

Many people resort into joining multilevel marketing companies in the hopes of generating additional residual income for themselves and for their loved ones. Yes, the truth is that there is money to be made but only if you do it right.

The first thing that a person needs to know before getting into a multilevel marketing bandwagon is to understand how a company of such nature really works. This is very important so as to eliminate the unnecessary apprehensions and fears towards 'good' multilevel marketing companies.

The basic concept of multilevel marketing is founded on the assumption that individual 'consultants' or sales persons are the main drivers of the success of a certain product. Multilevel marketing entails a person-to-person approach in selling the products. Multilevel marketing is a scheme wherein a business sells the 'right to sell' to the persons who join their pool of marketers and these people earn money through commissions from selling. So if, let's say, John (a hypothetical example) joins Company A, a multilevel marketing company, he is considered as a distributor of the company's products and can sell the products to other people. He also has the right to recruit other people under his name and the more people he recruits, the better. When his 'downlines' generate sales, he gets commissions from their sales as well.

Multilevel marketing can be considered as a home-based business wherein one can operate in accordance with his own schedule. It is a business that is away from a central office and promotes independence and strategy.

A beginner might ask- 'Is it legal?' There are thousands and thousands of multilevel marketing companies out there. There are also multilevel marketing firms that are publicly listed in the stock market. Yes, technically, the concept is legal. However, one should be aware and wary of the ponzi schemes and pyramid scams that are out there.

So how can one determine if a so-called multilevel marketing company is a legitimate one or just a scam? There are three main factors that one should look into when joining a certain firm. First is the fee. Remember that exorbitant fees should be interpreted as a caution. Second is that a legitimate multilevel marketing firm should have a tangible product. If the company does not show you a single product, go out of the door as fast as you can. Thirdly, a legitimate multilevel marketing company does not base compensation entirely on recruitment of new members with little or no emphasis on its products.

Joining a multilevel marketing company can be quite a challenge, but it is a wonderful opportunity. Again, the most important thing to do is to keep one's eyes open and be aware of how things really work for the company. Information, knowledge and understand equate to power. Do your research before you join.
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