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What Does it Really Take to be a Professional Nurse?

Aug 17, 2007
Nursing is a very special profession. It is not about money, although you can earn a decent living. It is all about people and your ability to care and understand them. Although there are many people involved in this profession few are really gifted with the necessary skills to be fully qualified for this particular line of work.

What does it take to be a professional in this field?

- A nurse needs dedication. this is a very special profession in that you will need to really love your job. The hours are often long and you will face unique challenges.

- A nurse needs understanding. To be able to emphasize and understand others feelings and problems is a talent you will need.

- A nurse needs a genuine love of people. When you not only like but love working with people you will enjoy this profession and give your best to it.

- A nurse needs to have a good sense of organization. This is very necessary in this line of work as there are always many tasks to accomplish in a short period of time.

- You will need to be very flexible and be able to handle sudden emergencies at anytime.

- Sometimes your patients are beyond medical help and do die. This can be one of the biggest challenges facing nurses. It is very hard to see someone in pain and dying without being able to help him or her. You will need to train yourself to cope with these situations.

- The ability to put your feelings aside is very important in the Nursing profession. In order to help others in need you will have to be able to do this and concentrate on your patients needs and wants. Sometimes seeing seriously ill people is frightening but you cannot allow yourself to give way to these fears or you cannot serve your patients well.

- You will need a high tolerance power. Again when people are sick they often say things that they may not necessarily mean. You will need to have the ability to brush this off and not take anything personally.

Nursing is a very special job and it is very important to think carefully before entering this line of work. When you keep these points in mind it will help you see if you really have what it takes to be in this profession.
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