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Air Conditioners And Its Applications

Aug 17, 2007
Air conditioning is a total integrated system consisting "heating, ventilation and air conditioning". An air conditioner is an appliance or a mechanism that has been designed to draw out the heat from an area. This air is then treated and released back into the room.

Air conditioning applications

The experts in this field have put air conditioning applications into two broad categories. They are process and comfort.

The process applications simply aim to provide a proper environment irrespective of the weather conditions outside or the amount of heat inside. Process applications are inclusive of the following aspects:

- In all hospitals the air is filtered through several levels so that it is able to reduce infection and also control patient dehydration. Temperatures are maintained at a comfortable level. Open-heart surgery need low temperatures about 18 C and some others like neonatal require higher temperatures of about 28 C.

- Pharmaceuticals and integrated circuits are produced in cleanrooms. These places need to have clean air, controlled temperature and humidity so that the process is a success.

- Laboratory animals need special conditions. Most animals reproduce during spring and laboratories need to maintain that climate so that the animals are able to reproduce all the year round.

- Air conditioning in aircrafts mainly provides comfortable temperatures for all the passengers. It is indeed a special process because the pressure outside is low.

- Some other process applications include industrial environments, mines, food processing and cooking areas, nuclear facilities, textile facilities, data processing centers and physical testing centers.

Comfort applications provide an optimal temperature inside and this is fixed according to the preference of the individuals. This condition is not dependant on the weather conditions outside or the amount of heat inside. It has been claimed that comfort air conditioning increases the rate of productivity in workers. This is obviously a disputed fact. The apparent changes in worker productivity can be due to the feeling that the employer has expressed concern about the welfare of his workers. Comfort air conditioning makes deep plan buildings practicable. Without this buildings need to be built in such a way that there is plenty of light and fresh air. In tall buildings natural ventilation is not possible because the speed of air increases considerably with altitude. Comfort applications vary with different types of buildings and the different categories are:

- Commercial buildings- these are buildings that have apartment housings, shopping centers and malls.
- Residential buildings- these are the homes either single family or a number of apartments built in together.
- Institutional buildings- these have a large number of offices, hospitals, and large sized complex buildings.

In both the types of application the goal is to control not only the temperature but also factors like air quality, air movement and humidity as well.
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