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Growing and Maintaining Your Opt-in List

Aug 17, 2007
Growing my opt-in list has been one of my major and most obvious struggles as an internet marketer thus far, as I'm sure many of you can relate to. If the money is in our lists, how do we get our website visitors to provide their names and email addresses and keep them on our newsletter list? It is no easy task, I can attest to that! But here are some valuable tips we can all use to grow and maintain our lists:

First of all, there is a popular misconception that if you have a website up and running that it will earn automatic income for you with no effort on your part. This couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is, you have to work to get visitors to your site, and to get visitors to your site, you must advertise, by free and paid methods. You want your website to be in front of not only your competitors' websites, but in front of as many people as possible. The more people that can reach your site via the regular search engines, or through seeing ads in other people's newsletters for example, the more potential you have for attracting subscribers that turn into customers. The more subscribers you have, the more of a chance that they will actually purchase something from you, and once they do purchase something from you, you have to sell more products or services of value to those same customers.

A good tip for selling more things of value to your current customers is to offer something in addition to what they are already there to purchase in the first place by suggesting another related product or service. You can pre-sell someone by explaining in some detail the benefits of purchasing the extras and how it compliments their initial purchase. One way to do this is by sending broadcast messages to your subscribers to supplement your auto-responder series of messages. It is also very important to follow up after a purchase has been made and offer unadvertised bonuses.

Often when people get into internet marketing they choose a broad area of interest, but it can actually boost your subscriber list and customer base if you narrow your area of interest down into something very specific so that you have a smaller niche to grab more targeted customers. For example, if you have a money-making website, you may want to narrow its focus into a site or sales page solely targeting single parents working from home.

What it boils down to is finding a way to advertise your site and sales page so that it gets in front of the hoards of people searching for information on your website topic. Use Google Adwords, and ezine solo ads to reach a wider audience who may turn into customers immediately or down the road. Offer an easy way for them to subscribe to your free newsletter, and put your ads on traffic exchanges. Once you have a list, maintain it by offering additional bonuses and information that your customers cannot pass up. Build a relationship with your customers as you would in a regular brick-and-mortar business and you will find the money in your list!
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