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The Path To Become An Attorney

Aug 17, 2007
People of the older generation can certainly remember being enthralled by the adventures of TV's favorite lawyer cum sleuth Perry Mason. The Los Angeles based lawyer along with his beautiful secretary always managed to turn the impossible into possible and had the whole nation glued to the television screen. You could count judges and attorneys amongst fans of Perry Mason. In fact it has been claimed that the rising interest in the law profession amongst the younger generation has something to do with this long running television show in the USA.

Do you count yourself among those youngsters who got inspired and now would like to pursue a career in law? Then you should be aware that there is a huge gap between harboring a strong ambition and actually turning that into reality and following your dream to become an attorney. Though it requires much hard work to become a qualified attorney, it is not impossible to accomplish this goal if you are clear about how to proceed from the beginning. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you reach your goal:

* Start your preparation while you are still in high school. Discuss your law aspirations with your guidance councilor and ask him for advice and guidance on your preferred future career path.

* Once you are in undergraduate school, you should select subjects that will hone the skills required for law school. Law schools prefer candidates with strong analytical skills, and also good written and spoken communication skills. So choose a major that will help you develop these skills. Particular subjects like, Political Science, History or English will best prepare you in this regard.

* You must also be active outside the classroom as the law school entrance boards often give preference to the students who have proven extra curricular activities and interests. Start taking part in extracurricular activities that are somehow related to the field of law in order to improve your chances of getting into top law schools.

* Accept the fact that getting accepted into one of the leading law schools is quite competitive. Be sure to do some research on reputable law schools and their admission criteria. Be sure to check whether the school is accredited by the American Bar Association. You can visit the website of Law School Admission Council at lsac.org. to gather more information. After having selected a couple of law schools that you want to gain acceptance to, you must then take the Law School Admissions Test (L.S.A.T.).

* After the law school awards you a law degree you have to clear two more exams, namely the Professional Responsibility Exam and the Bar Exam respectively to be allowed to practice law independently.
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