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The Importance Of Using Your Own Domain Name In MLM Advertising

Aug 17, 2007
When you are promoting your MLM opportunity, having your own domain name is essential if you want to achieve true success. The reason for this is the fact that you need to be different and not appear like everyone else. One main way to look different is to re-direct or cloak your MLM website link.

Once benefit of cloaking your MLM website link is you will be protecting yourself from the spam filters. It's no secret that MLMers are notorious for spamming. When the ISP gets complaints about a particular spammer, they will often block any and every email from that domain. If you use a re-direct, then you can get around this filter.

Another benefit of redirecting your link is search engine optimization. If you write articles and submit them with a signature file that has your MLM affiliate website link, the MLM company site gets the back links. And what if your MLM opportunity went bankrupt or you decided to pursue another opportunity? You would lose all of your backlinks that you worked so hard to obtain. If you are using your own domain, you would just redirect them to your new business. Wouldn't that be a much smarter method for doing business?

Finally, your potential downline will be much more likely to sign up if they know that you have taken the time to redirect the link. If you are just promoting your regular website link, you will be perceived as a newbie by your prospects, especially if you are using articles to promote yourself. I personally never check out an affiliate link that is mentioned in a resource box. But I will check out a top level signature file and if that happens to be an affiliate link, so be it.

An even better strategy is to just ditch the corporate site all together. Make your own sales letter in your own words as to why someone should join your team. You should capture your prospect's email address and send them useful content as often as possible. It is said that it takes a minimum of seven exposures to make a sale and promoting your MLM is no different.

Another option to this is to take advantage of one of the many downline builder websites on the market. The advantage of using a downline builder is you can quickly and easily have your downline also use the downline builder. Again, even with the downline builder, get your own domain and redirect it. Do not promote your downline builder affiliate link.

If you apply these strategies and teach your team to apply these strategies, you will be perceived as a professional and your team will grow quickly.
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Carlos Scarpero is the host of the Network Marketing Minute podcast and is the creator of Success Duplicator, a free tool that will help you increase your personal enrollments by at least 20 reps per month and eliminate downline attrition. Learn more about this free tool at www.success-duplicator.com.
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