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How To Avoid Job Search Pitfalls

Aug 17, 2007
To find something, you have to start by looking, and that process can be applied to landing yourself some employment. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can't get a job, but the truth is, these people don't actively go looking for one. Mass communication and the technological world we live in can make job seeking easier, but there are still some basic rules to apply when you're determined to find employment.

The most common and preventable mistake in the great job hunt is limiting one's search to a single source, such as the employment section of a single newspaper or a single job search website. It can be hard to keep track of all the places you have applied to, but if you take notes from the start, you should be able to keep track of where you've sent your application, no matter how many sources you're searching.

While job listings, whether in a newspaper's employment section or an internet job site (preferably more than one of each), are both great places to look for work, never underestimate the power of networking in helping you find a job. Friends, former coworkers, and even previous employers can all give you a lead on a job that's open, if you've remained on good terms with them and ask politely. The easiest way to start networking is to expand the horizons of your search. If you don't have the time to do an in-depth search, make the time - the efforts will pay off.

Another easy-to-fix issue is the mistake of giving up the job search too soon, which basically means giving up completely. The process of finding a good job is long and taxing, sometimes even painful, but giving up, even temporarily, is a huge mistake. The opportunities for employment change from day to day, and there's no telling what you've missed by giving in to despair.

To combat discouragement and frustration, consider applying a limited amount of guilt and shame to yourself. If that prospect frightens you, find a way to reward yourself for sticking to your search. No matter what method you use to motivate or to force yourself to keep looking, if it works, continue applying it.

In a similar vein, there's no such thing as a job search where you aren't actively searching. Though it can sometimes seem like an easy, hassle-free process, particularly with the advent of the online job search, the process of finding employment is something you have to commit yourself to and never trust that a job will simply fall into your lap. You have to go out there and find opportunities rather than wait for them to find you, though if you are lucky enough to have that sort of luck come your way, seize the chance.

Finally, don't go searching for a job without doing a little research beforehand, specifically into the state of your industry's job market and finding information about your potential employer. The research doesn't need to be terribly in-depth, but a little bit of knowledge may take you a long way while searching or interviewing. To succeed in the modern job hunt, you must be like a bloodhound, thorough and persistent, ever on the trail of new opportunity.
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