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How You Can Be A Success In Network Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
Network marketing can be a very rewarding business opportunity if you are successful with the company you are associated with. However, many people fail to achieve the success that they hoped for when they started in the business. To ensure that you succeed in your network marketing business, here are the key things you need to do.

Define what success means to you.

This is simply clarifying the 'what' and the 'why'. Why do you want to succeed in this business? How important is this to you? What are you prepared to do to ensure your success? Spend some time contemplating these questions and write down your thoughts. Work on being very clear about why this is the right thing for you.

This will ensure that you get your motivation right. It can be very hard to deal with rejection and setbacks if you haven't got a clear picture of why you are doing this. When you are strongly focused on the outcome you are after, it is much easier to bounce back from setbacks.

Also, the strength of your desire for success in this business will ultimately determine your real success. If you have a very strong desire to succeed and are very clear about why, then you will have major success. If your desire is only moderately warm, then your results will ultimately be mediocre.


Why do people fail? A common reason is because they stop doing what would have lead to success. They either grew impatient or allowed a setback to stop them and consequently quit. If something is not working, don't quit. Instead, look for an alternative way to do it. Keep on going and you will experience success.

Become highly productive

Don't settle for your current levels of productivity. Keep on asking yourself how you can do things better or quicker so that you can get more done within the same time. Can you use automation to achieve greater productivity? Would it be better to pay someone else to do certain activities for you - especially ones that you are slow at or don't have the skill for.

The more productive you are, the quicker you can grow your business and the sooner you can have back that precious time you entered this business for. Remember why you are doing this.

Continually Learn

A key trait of successful people in this business is their ability to continually learn. You will find that there are skills that you need to develop to ensure your success. Also, new techniques that enable you to be more productive often require learning. You need to make time available to invest in your own development, both for your business activities and for your personal life.

Continually Test

Don't accept the status quo. Devote time to testing new marketing approaches for your business. If you are advertising, test a new headline for your ad compared to your current one. Then use the one that performs best. Use the same approach in all your marketing and business development activities. Always be looking for ways to increase your response rates, how to convert more interested people into customers and distributors. Never stop testing new ideas and ways of growing your business.

Have a Success System

You also need to ensure that you are in the right network marketing company. By this I mean that you need to be associated with a company that provides you with a system for your success that is easily duplicable. If you don't have this, then you will be working hard for a return that is less than you deserve. It will also mean that you will be unable to fully exhibit the leadership that you are capable of for your team.

So what is a success system? It has a number of components that build on each other and make achieving success systematic. The first component is a lead capture system specific to the company. This is usually an opt-in page that encourages people to provide their name and email address for further information on the opportunity. Then, over a period of time, they receive a series of email messages that sell the opportunity.

A free report specifically promoting your company's opportunity in the next component in the system. This report sets out how your opportunity will provide the potential recruit with a solution to their problem. It should be informational and also contain a sales message for the opportunity.

The system should also act as a motivator to the prospect by providing feedback regarding their place in the downline. For example, it could indicate that others are signing up that could have been in their downline if they had have joined already. Fear is a powerful motivator and should be used where appropriate.

Strong support should also be a key factor in any success system. An example of this is for all new distributors or recruits to receive training as soon as possible after they join. This should be done in a way that ensures that every one is learning how to duplicate the success system in the most effective way.

It goes without saying that the system must also have a good product or service. Without this, there is no opportunity for ongoing success. Also, a strong relationship between upline and new distributors is crucial.

Finally, a system that has the above components in place ensures that there is no need for cold calling. Therefore, new recruits will not have to experience rejection, which is a primary reason why many quit.

If you follow what has been outlined in this article, then you will succeed in time with your opportunity. Wishing you every success.
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