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Do Not Try To Sell Anything Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker

Aug 17, 2007
Successful home based business opportunity seeker does not seek for markets but people or customers and his mission must be to help these customers to succeed. Or to make it simple, to share his own experiences to his customers.

1. How on earth can you do that?
You as a home based business opportunity seeker have to think like a person who is looking after what you have.
Imaging what he is looking for and what is his attitude to the offer of which he maybe has never heard of? He may have surfed the web and seen some offers. Does your offer has a different approach? Is he probably a starter or an advanced internet marketer? Is he capable to make an income online with that?

2. Keep your focus on your customers.
As a home based business opportunity seeker try to make your custors your friends. Actually it is very simple. Think that they are your friends and you just made up your mind. Now they are your friends. Your own attitude towards your customers is the best joker.

When you have created friendly relationship with your customers, you have done the best possible deed for your home business.

3. As a home business seeker you must communicate with your customers.
It is hard to help without the communication. But if your customer has left his email address, then you have the ball. He is now waiting for contact. Remember that the first impression is critical. Do it with great enthusiastic politeness. Express your willingness to help, whatever your customer will ask. Be a good listener and respect his needs. His needs are your source of income.

4. Soon the customer is your associate.
Your skills as a home business seeker determine, whether you can build a long term relationship with your customer. It is quite stupid to speak about markets. We should rather speak about different needs of people. That is the right attitude to make an income online.

5. Do not try to sell anything.
You may remember that the majority of the people will start searching information with search engine. This means that they have already decided to find some affiliates internet programs, wheich fit to their needs. And they want to make an income online.
They are like fishes, which will follow the bite. So do not try to sell anything but present your offer in so a good way, that the fish will eat the bite.

6. Nobody likes to be the object of the sales effort.
That is true. When a person is a home based business opportunity seeker, he is in a very sensitive state of the mind. He is looking and pondering. He is comparing and dropping offers that he does not like. It is wise to understand this. Joining to an affiliate internet program is not like buying a car. This is a choice, which will require work. So the disappointment is big if the customer will make a wrong choice and not make an income online. It is not even the principals advantage. So tell him the truth and help him as much as you can and your mutual future will be great.
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