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The Secrets Of The Online Job Search

Aug 17, 2007
We truly live in an age of wonders. Culture-grown organs, soft dinosaur tissue and, perhaps most visibly, the internet, are among those great wonders. Though organs and dinosaur blood vessels may never impact the average job seeker's life, the internet can literally change job searches in ways that the seeker never realized. Opportunities can come quickly and suddenly, but fade away just as rapidly.

Old-fashioned job searches have long demanded a resume be prepared and submitted by an applicant. For online job searches, the resume is ever more important. It is essentially the only thing your potential employer has to determine whether he or she is interested in hiring you. Though an electronic resume isn't written any differently from a paper resume, the electronic medium does offer certain opportunities.

Where you post your resume is important when using the virtual world to find a job. Many people today have skills and qualifications that can be seen by their work, and a personal website that displays a portfolio of art, writing, or other types of media is a great way to let potential employers view what individuals can do. Also, you can use personal websites to post up your resume, which means that you can send a very nice cover letter or introductory email in response to an open position advertisement, including a link to your website instead of attaching your resume file

The internet is a big place though, and finding the right job could mean sifting through a lot of junk or visiting many sites. As painful as it sounds, you'll want to sign on to multiple job-search sites and browse them for potential employment on a regular basis, as the positions available can change in a matter of hours. It's also a good idea to apply to any and all positions you find yourself interested in. With the internet job search, the scattershot approach can be more effective than you'd expect.

Finally, don't count on getting any single job online. There are going to be a lot of applicants and in some ways, applying for a job online is a craps shoot that depends more on luck than anything else, hence why the scattershot approach tends to work well.

Above all else, dedication is the key to the online job search. You have to check the job listings, email resumes, correspond with potential employers, and search for jobs on a constant basis to find any good prospects. The search, in particular, requires that you have dedication and keep trying for an extended period of time. One potential time-saver is old-fashioned networking over the internet, via online forums and instant messaging. Professional organizations in your field are a particularly good place to make contacts, as well as to obtain more information about the job market you're diving into.
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