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All About Blogs And The Art Of Blogging

Aug 17, 2007
A blog is a shortened form of Web log or web log. It is defined by many different ways. There are several definitions for them and one such definition says: it is a frequent chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links. Another definition states: a web log is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data that is arranged in chronological order which can be viewed in an HTML browser. In short, it is actually a journal, which is available on the web, blogging is the activity of updating the site and the person who owns a blog is known as a blogger.

Such a site can be owned by anyone, even by a person who does not have a technical background. It resembles that of a website that does not have a technical touch. They can be updated daily with special software that enables people with little or no technical environment to update and uphold their blog. Postings can be done very easily and are arranged in a chorological order with the latest post being characterized most significantly. The site may consist of images, texts, hypertexts and links to other web pages and also to videos and other related sites known as blogrolls. It also consists of a comment division that enables viewers to leave comments on that particular piece of information.

Blogs are written by one person about anything under the sun. They are updated always with the latest post on the top and the older ones follow it. They can be obtained at any topic that one thinks of ranging from photography to recipes to spirituality to hobbies, interests, personal diaries and even on a topic of study such as biotechnology, microbiology etc. The topics are beyond ones imagination. They are vast and wide like an ocean. Blogging also brings people closer and helps those of the same interests to meet each other and make friends.

Apart from just a way of expressing ones imagination, this activity can also be a way of getting money. The most used things to get money from such a site are ad services like Ad sense, BlogAds, Chitikas eMiniMalls, Crisp Ads, Adgents, Ad knowledge and many more. The other means of income streams are namely RSS advertising, sponsorship, affiliate programs, digital assets, blog network opportunities, consulting and speaking , flipping blogs and merchandising.

Writing articles attracts links to the site. The next step after getting a blog is to submit it to as many directories as possible. On submitting it to these directories, you get free one way links towards your site. This is part of the off page seo, a process that can get your site in the search engine tops. And when you will get there the traffic will start coming and so your chances of making money with the site will increase dramatically. For submitting to these free blog directories, the minimum requirement is at least 10 entries. There are tons of such sites out there and good ordered lists with them and if one really wants to find them he will.

This being said we can conclude that blogging has now become a mean of income to the bloggers.
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