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Does The Curiosity Approach Still Work When Doing Network Marketing Recruiting

Aug 17, 2007
This article is about network marketing recruiting which I imagine has been one of the most written about subjects in the mlm industry.

My mom and dad started their Amway business 30 years ago. They live in a small rural town in western Nebraska so there were not a lot of secrets. When it came time to have their first opportunity meeting they were told to invite 5 couples and be sure that all 5 would show up. If not invite someone to replace them. Oh and one more thing, do not tell anyone what it is about. Use the curiosity approach when you invite them.

My dad did the calls and invited everyone to come over and learn about a way to make extra money. All he would say is it wasn't insurance, or anything to do with the school business. He was an elementary principal. All 5 showed up and out of respect and some excitement created by the presenter all 5 joined.

Flash ahead 30 years to 2006. If you join a network marketing business today do you need to use a curiosity approach before you explain what it is you have to offer? I say no way. here's why.

I don't do much explaining. I offer something free to get people to give me their name and email address. Something like a free report or a free eBook that explains how to make money online. Then I follow up with an autoresponder that is already pre-programmed with a series of message that offer good reasons to get into network marketing.

Each message has my name, my website address, email address and phone number at the end of it. My website is a training website designed to offer more free training. But it does also contain my top pick for the best mlm business to join right now to get started making money. I also let my prospect know that I am available to talk by phone if they want to see if I can help them get started making money.

That is about it. I suppose most of the really big shots in network marketing will tell you that to make money in the business today you need to master the technique of sorting. Sorting out people who will waste your time and people who will value you time and pay off for you in the long run. There is no exact science to this, but using the internet to do most of your pre-sorting is a good start. Then you can follow-up by phone with those who are a little more serious.

So it is for that reason that I say the curiosity approach is a dead way to do network marketing recruiting. People go online to do research. You may as well let them learn about you and your mlm business and then you can hook up by phone or email to see if it is going to be a good for both of you.
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