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Blogs and Online Marketing - An Introduction

Aug 17, 2007
A blog, which is a shortened version of the word Weblog, can be referred to in many ways. You could think of it as an online diary, journal, or chronicle of your ideas, thoughts, information, and even expertise on an informational website. Blogs are used to let the world know exactly what you are thinking. In the world of online marketing, they are used to provide information, instill trust in visitors, and let the world know you and your company exist.

In Blogging, What Options are Available?

When you are new to blogging it can seem confusing in the beginning. There are many different options available to you. To get you started, here are a few you could consider.

The first option is the free-hosted blog. This is where many people start out in the world of blogging. There are many reasons for choosing free-hosted blogs, the first being it is free. Another reason is the fact that they are great for beginners, easy to learn, and have everything you might need in one spot. You will have the opportunity to set up, run, and update it in an easy to use and understand format. This is perfect for those learning and setting up their very first blog.

There are some disadvantages to free-hosted blogs, such as less control, limitations on design, little configuration options, and it could be difficult to switch if you choose to upgrade in the future. Another distinct disadvantage, which is ultimately important in the world of online marketing, is the fact that with free-hosted blogging, you get a generic url.

Your second option is a self-hosted blog. With this type of blogging, you would purchase your own domain name and space, and then use a blogging software on your very own site. This takes a little more know how and experience in setting it up right. Some advantages to this type of blog include more design options, more control, and your very own url.

Why should I blog?

In the world of online marketing, blogging plays a big role. You can use blogs in several different ways to drive traffic to your website, promote your affiliate products, and even earn an extra income. The key to successful blogging is to choose topics that you are an expert on. If you are trying to drive traffic to your website, you want to give the visitors a reason to go there. You can do this by writing articles on your blog that have to do directly with the products, services, or information contained on your website. The same holds true for earning an extra income or promoting affiliate products, you have to get the trust of your visitors, which means showing you know what you are talking about.

Quick Start Help

The following steps will help you get started on your first blog:
1. Create a free blogger account.
Set up your account, customize, and choose a template, get a feel of the account.
2. Choose your Affiliate Product.
You want to choose one that you know well. Choose one you have experience and confidence in. This will make sure you are portraying your expertise. Readers know when you are lacking confidence.
3. Choose the Right Keyword.
The key to this is getting the right density for search engine indexing. You want the right amount of keywords in comparison to the post length. You want to consider what your promoting, what people are searching for, and write about it.
4. Affiliate Link.
At the end of each post, place a signature. The signature should include your name and affiliate link. After all, if you are promoting an affiliate product, you definitely want to give visitors something to click.

Take what you have learned, and ACT on it! Now you are ready for the world of blogging.
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