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Getting Your Website Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
Doing business successfully online is all about one thing. It's not about how good your website looks; there are over a billion web pages today who will find yours. Gone are the days when if you built it they would come. It's not about how profitable your product is, or how useful that item you are selling is. Successful online businesses have one thing in
common, large amounts of targeted traffic. Even the ugliest website with targeted traffic I guarantee you is making sales. The big problem facing the small net entrepreneur is costs and using the wrong website traffic tactics.

Consider hiring someone to find some quality reciprocal linking partners for your business. You can use one of the popular freelancing sites, such as Guru, Elance, or Rentacoder. Make sure the person you select finds sites and secure deals without spam and also make sure that the person knows that you want to exchange non-directory links.

Avoid guaranteed traffic scams. In virtually all cases, these 100,000 hits for $25 deals usually entails sending untargeted visitors to your site who can't even read the language in which it is written. Rather than betting on one of these scams, it is a good idea to stick with established providers, who have a proven history of results.

Find someone with a legitimate interest in your niche that already browses and posts on related forums regularly. Ask that person if he is willing to add an endorsement in his signature to your business. In exchange, you could give him weekly compensation or give him free access to your site or some resource you have.

Use some type of tracking system for your website promotional activities. Preferably, you will want to find one that allows you to track visitors on multiple levels not just on one. For instance, you will want to know who is coming to your site to begin with (and where they came from); and from there, you will want to know how long they stayed on the page, and if they made the purchase.

Consult with a internet marketing expert to determine how you can best use your time when promoting your business. While these sessions can be quite costly as much as several hundred dollars an hour they can radically change how you go about your daily business. Additionally, they will give you the confidence to market more effectively.

Consider purchasing the software needed to create a social network similar to Myspace, but for your specific niche. Creating and maintaining such a site will help you get your current clientele to participate in the growth of your business. More friends joining the network are always a bonus for them, so they will promote it without your even asking.

Consider taking a marketing by design approach. This entails creating a site that markets itself simply through its own design. For instance, one type of marketing by design mechanism you can use is search engine optimization. Another form of marketing by design mechanism you can use is a forum or a social network.

Learning the right technique of bringing more website traffic to your business can go a long ways. Just make sure you avoid those quick and easy short cuts that will cost you money in the long run. Make sure find you a mentor that really know what he or she is doing with bringing traffic to your website
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