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Seven Super-Simple Steps To Becoming A Successful Writer

Aug 17, 2007
There is no doubt about it. Writing, and writing well, is a learned habit. And it's one you can learn in just a little time. We communicate all the time, with hand gestures, language, facial expressions and the written word. Writing doesn't have to be the gut wrenching, teeth gnashing experience that you may believe.

Writing is essential to anyone who wants to communicate, persuade, make money or encourage a desired action. Although there are many ways to get around a vast majority of writing situations there are some that require pen to hand and an outpouring of your own knowledge.

So how can you make writing less painful, more fruitful and persuade that customer to buy your product? These are seven specific steps to help you develop the writing habit. Practice these and over a relatively short time you will be able to convey your thoughts, feelings and even command action in writing.

1. Set a goal, write it down and make a commitment. Your first step should be to define exactly what you want to accomplish. Do you want to be able to pen your newsletter in less than 2 hours? Or write articles? Or sales copy? Define your goal and write it down. Commit to that goal. Post it where you can look at it each day. It might sound corny but your brain will produce what you tell it to.

2. Copy well written works in your own hand. This is a technique used by talented copywriters. Find a great piece of writing, whether it is a sales letter, or a book, or good story. Copy this writing, using your own handwriting and not typing. Copy it several times over several days. Make this a habit. Copy from the distinguished copywriters each day for 10-15 minutes. After a short time your mind will follow what your hand has written.

3. Set aside 10 - 15 minutes each day to practice the skill you desire. Great athletes don't become great by sitting on the couch watching their sport. They are out playing and practicing daily. You should also. Be sure you set aside 10 - 15 minutes to practice your new craft. Only through practice will you be able to improve your skills.

4. Give yourself daily 'assignments'. When you are sitting down for 15 minutes to write each day you should have a written plan of what you want to produce. Initially you will be copying other people's work. After doing this for a couple of weeks you should start producing your own work. Give yourself an assignment "writing a short newsletter or article, starting sales copy, writing a great letter." Just write each day.

5. Find a writing mentor who can proof your work. You are the student; you need a teacher. Find someone who can read your work critically and give you pointers. It can be your sister who has been proofreading for years, or a trusted professor from school, or even a high school teacher who might be interested in helping you. You can find someone if you are truly committed.

6. Read other people's writing critically. You are copying other people's work. You have your work read critically. You must also learn to read critically. Understand the rules of good writing and try to pick them out in other writings.

7. Finally, develop a ritual. Rituals are nothing more than habits that train your brain what will come next and what to anticipate. You might find that listening to music inflames your creativity. Maybe you enjoy a quiet space. You want to pick a certain time of the day and stick with it each and every day. Don't become so ritualistic if your CD player breaks you can't produce any thing. But find something that helps to spark your writing.

If you follow these seven simple steps you'll find yourself writing more quickly and with less effort in a very short period of time. You will also find that your success is equal to your commitment and your work.
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