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How Minisites can Help You Generate Non-Stop Surges of Cash in Your Bank Account

Aug 17, 2007
Minisites help you to generate easy and instant cash flow if you do things right.

This involves performing right niche keyword research, creating killer attention grabbing copy and gaining trust of your visitors all within few pages of your minisites.

There are 2 types of minisites...

1. Affiliate Minisites.
2. Product Minisites.

An affiliate minisite focuses in preselling your visitors on the affiliate product that you are promoting.

Your goal with an affiliate minisite is to send your visitor from your minisite to your affiliate programs salesletter with an open mindset.

Once you do this, you will see your affiliate sales and conversion ratio pumping up, that's because you have convinced your visitor on the benefit of the affiliate product before you have send them to the salesletter.

You have to focus on the benefits that the affiliate product has provided you. You need to convince your visitors that you have personally purchased the product, used it and how it helped you to solve your most pressing problem. Just tell them your true story on your minisite.

With this kind of approach your visitors will relate themselves with YOU and imagine their problems getting solved.

Don't try selling the affiliate product on your minisite. Just tell your story and divert them to the affiliate salesletter and let it do the selling.

This is a simple concept as to how an affiliate minisite works.

Product minisite is nothing but a salesletter that sells YOUR OWN product or service.

Here you have a salesletter pasted right on your website.

The main focus of your minisite is to get the sale.

It will be easy for you to sell your products if you're an established expert.

If NOT, then you have to work hard convincing your visitors on the benefits of your product or service.

Your product minisite must be jam-packed with these points...

1. Killer benefits.

2. Convey a Problem and tell them how your product provides a solution.

3. Tell a story and let them relate to it.

4. Include testimonials from satisfied customers.

5. Provide bonuses.

6. Provide a killer guarantee.

Apply these above points to your product minisites and see your profits pump up through the roof.

While creating a content rich site, it is extremely important that you follow your passion and focus on a topic that you really love.

But if you create minisites you can follow money. You can quickly...

1. Research a niche with high demand and low competition.

2. Grab some affiliate product or resell right product in the niche.

3. Create a quick minisite around it.

4. Promote it.

5. Test it and finally...

6. Deposit cash in your bank account.

This system is quick and really really easy once you give it a try.
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