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Online Marketing Business Opportunity - The 5 Things You Were Never Told

Aug 17, 2007
You probably have heard of stories of average folks visiting a certain website. Then, purchased a product in hopes to get rich or make some fair amount of money with that online marketing business opportunity.

Here's a true story of what happened just recently.

My friend (we shall call her Sally) had wanted to join into an online marketing business opportunity. Now, we all know that adsense is a way to generate income from Google. You place an advertisement box generated by Google adsense, people click, you earn. I'm not going into that detail so I'll continue with my story.

She bought an opportunity (an affiliate program) from one of that Google Adsense site for about US$49.97. I'm not too sure about the exact price today and there were pictures of nice boats, cars and a luxurious house upfront the website. This website even had pictures of an account snapshot! Lo and behold, it was a very basic e-book that she bought and not very useful I must say. I told her to refund it but alas, the webmaster never responded. Money went down the drain.

This is probably a familiar story. One that would have been written all over the faces of those that fell victim or even as told by your friends. But I want to impress upon you the 5 things that you were never told about an online marketing business opportunity.

Ready ? Let's go.

1. Don't buy the hype

Countless times, newbie's or beginners on the internet has been taken over emotionally about what has been promised online. In other words, you might have bought something from emotion before. Nothing wrong, just try to control yourself.

2. Contact the webmaster

It's a good try to do so. You need to know if there is going to be support after you make the purchase. Besides, you're buying it online so even if you can't see the person in real life it would be important to get some sort of response.

3. Search in Google or yahoo for some reviews

You're better off doing a quick 5 minutes search in google.com or yahoo.com by typing in this phrase "website name: reviews". Once you have some results, click on them and read up a little.

4. Ask a friend about it

This one is a little tricky. You should ask someone you know who's already in the online marketing arena to advise you if this is something legitimate. Usually, some of your friends might have fallen for the same feat you're about to undertake and they could provide you some useful advice and caveats.

5. Check the web order page

Chances are that you might be 'robbed' online with the technology level now working on the internet. But it wouldn't hurt to check when you're really making an order. Go to the address bar and look for an "https://" ; the letter 's' denotes that the site is secure and not fraudulent.

These are just 5 quick steps for you to make a wise decision on purchasing anything or getting into an online marketing business opportunity. I don't encourage you to make mistakes and then go make some more but to learn from them.

So, with every move you make ensure that you do your very own due diligence. This in turn ensures your foundation to getting the most out of online opportunities.
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Vern How is an Online Business Entrepreneur where he makes a fortune just by running a successful home business part-time. Learn more on how you can do this by visiting Millionaire At Home . Further recommended resources Marketing Secrets
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