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The Benefits of Peer Coaching Groups

Aug 17, 2007
In any Peer Coaching Group, all members are coached by one another. In such groups, the members coach each other, as well as learn the art of coaching simultaneously. Peer Coaching groups are extremely helpful when it comes to spreading economical coaching skills, inspirational training, programs that focus on development and organizational change. Peer Coaching groups are useful for bringing about effective communication and interaction in any workplace and at the same time increasing the members ability to get work done.

Although Peer coaching is not a new concept, it was not practiced widely. Things have changed over the years and an increasing number of organizations have been discarding a stern hierarchy and encouraging employees to join forces across divisions, boundaries and even departments, to combine talents and efforts. Abolishing territorial and defensive attitudes and office rivalries can result in a successful partnership that can provide the organization with a number of profitable opportunities.

Peer coaching can benefit the business practice enormously. The benefits include:

. Peer coaching groups support all those individuals who display leadership, but feel stressed out and isolated.

. Peer coaching groups meet regularly, for two hours every 3-4 weeks, for almost 6 months. It is definitely not a one-time program.

. Not only are these groups easy to set up and establish, but they can also be held on the campus.

. Peer coaching groups enable people to learn coaching skills, to train other needy individuals.

. People get to be aware of the issues concerning the workplace and they begin to see reason as to why they need to be productive.

. People are equipped during the change process, to take decisions and activate the desired change.

The skills required by those who wish to join peer-coaching groups are:

. Leadership qualities.

. Ability to coach others.

. Conflict solving skills.

. Ability to address problems effectively.

. Ability to provide effective and accurate feedback.

. Communication skills.

. Ability to acknowledge and appreciate others.

. Listening skills.

The people who are able to benefit from peer coaching groups are trainers and managers, team leaders, the Board of Directors and the Human Resource Personnel.

Coaching is preferred for the various benefits that result from the exercise. However, the scope of coaching has been restricted, due to the high costs involved in most of these programs. On the other hand, peer-coaching groups can help to bring personal coaching to the company and that too, at a fraction of the price of standard coaching. Most of the difficulties that are faced by individuals who are involved in businesses are personal in nature. Peer coaching can help employees conquer these relationship concerns, as well as serve the organization well. This lucrative method helps to eliminate many impending problems and difficulties and provides the strength and ability to help the employee rise and shine.

Peer coaching involves an informal approach. It involves asking questions to gain an understanding of different viewpoints and issues and recognizing shared interests and concerns. It involves discovering commonalities within the group, to ensure business profit and growth.
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