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3 Compelling Rewards for Being a Coach /Consultant

Aug 17, 2007
Those who like to interact with different people and work towards the improvement of mankind in general, find the role of a business coach very satisfying and fulfilling. If you possess the right skills required to become an efficient coach, you can earn a name for yourself, even as you become a source of inspiration to others.

The very first benefit of being in this business is job satisfaction. Apart from the fact that this business pays well, there is also a sense of satisfaction that you are able to utilize your knowledge and skills to play a role that you really enjoy. Doing a job that interests you and helps you to achieve your goal helps to bring out the best in you. Work is no more a tedious task when you work at your convenience and enjoy the activities involved. You have the benefit of flexible working hours, to keep other appointments. In addition, you do not need to put in the average working hours, since you are able to earn more per hour than what average person does.

Another exciting aspect being of a business coach is that you get to interact with different people and this makes the job all the more interesting. A monotonous lifestyle and work very soon become repetitive and boring. However, if you are constantly interacting with different people, it makes your job interesting. Communicating with different people at different levels help to bring out the best in you and results in a profitable business. Meeting and teaching others is synonymous with the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. People appreciate your effort, to motivate them to succeed in their efforts. You get a chance to converse and share information with others, about things that are of interest to both.

One of the best rewards attached to coaching people is the sense of achievement and satisfaction derived from the exercise. The fact that your teaching can help them to solve their work related problems and improve their personal and professional lives is very motivating, for a coach.

Coaching is a fantastic tool for helping people to develop a sense of commitment and enhance personal performance. A coach not only shares useful advice, but also relates to the problems of people. A good coach needs to develop certain personality traits like being a good listener, having a calm and positive attitude and understanding the issue in question, from the other persons point of view. He should be able to develop and instill confidence in the person and should never display negative emotions, like anger or irritation.

With the help of the famous GROW (goal, reality, options and will) model of coaching, developed by John Whitmore, an efficient coach can arrive at practical solutions to the challenges faced. Being a business coach or consultant can be a very rewarding and worthwhile experience because not only are you able to execute your expertise and knowledge to solve the problems of people, but you are also responsible for empowering them, to climb the ladder of success, confidently. If you have the right skills and enjoy your work, you can be assured of a successful career in the coaching industry.
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