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Website Promotion: 5 Ways To Market A Website

Aug 17, 2007
Okay, so you have a website and most probably, whenever you are online, you keep checking how many visitors you get and whether your website has brought you any commissions or ad-money. This is but natural.

But have you realized that, instead of spending time checking your site and its statistics, you can actually make good use of this time by marketing your website? Perhaps, you'd like to know about how to market your website. Well, then, here are 5 great ways to market your website:

1. Get the basics right: Your website needs to be uncluttered, the design and navigation have to be easy on the eyes and simple on the mind. Remember, don't use a complicated design as it might put off a lot of potential customers. Apart from being simple, ensure that your website says the correct things in a concise manner and is not overloaded with information.

2. Understand the importance of search engines: According to statistics, around 85% of surfers use the search engines to find and buy products. It is therefore important that you make your website as search engine-friendly as possible. To do this, you need to make optimized and well-programmed web pages, plug in good SEO-friendly content and then submit your site to relevant search engines.

Experts say that Yahoo works best for consumer products while Google is great for services. If you want to know about keyword popularity, check Overture's keyword suggestion tool. It will show you related searches that include your term as well as statistics about how many times the term was searched during the preceding month.

3. Strategize Links: You must get your website linked by other websites that sport a decent reputation. You can have a mutual agreement where you can link to them and they can link to you. This way your website will not only get visitors from the referring website, it will also get a higher Page Rank from Google, which allots a page rank depending on the number of links you receive.

4. Spice up your website: Post new content on your website often. This will ensure that visitors keep coming back for more. Offer a freebie. Give away free samples for a limited time. Start a newsletter and make people sign up for it. Encourage interaction on your website by hosting a bulletin board if the nature of your website demands it. Publish lists and/or tips, as they are popular with the surfers.

5. Media management: Establish good contact and maintain good relations with Internet media companies as well as leading websites that operate in the same sector you're into. If they write about your website, it will provide you more credibility and increase your traffic dramatically.

Well, these are 5 great ways you can make use of to market your website. In the end, you have to make a proper, professional marketing plan depending on what type of the market your website caters to. Once you kick start your marketing process, remember to track your traffic and analyze it. That way you will know more about your visitors and that will help you sharpen your Internet marketing plans
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